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Patient Stories

Tracey's Story (Rotator Cuff Surgery)

The perfect game of golf requires a strong set of shoulders. Nothing, not even a rotator cuff tear, would stop

Tracey Rivas on the golf course this golfer from bringing her A-game to the course. In order to get back into the "swing of things," Tracey had to seek treatment options that would help her restore strength and mobility. With the expertise and help of Dr. Corinne VanBeek and a physical therapy treatment plan, Tracey is back at it.

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Claudio's Story (Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery)

This masonry professional and artisanal winemaker depended on the Claudio Frattaroli patient storystrength of his shoulders to get the job done. After 15 years of pain in his right shoulder, Claudio knew it was time for a change. His main concern was never being able to work again, but with the help of Dr. Corinne VanBeek and physical therapy, he's back to the life he loves.

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Ray's Story (Rotator Cuff Surgery)

It was the weekend after Thanksgiving and I was cleaning up around the

Ray Redniss after rotator cuff surgery at Stamford Healthhouse,” Ray Redniss recalls. “I tossed a bunch of magazines into the dumpster and just fell down. The pain in my shoulder was immediate and severe.” Still, Ray hoped with a little rest his shoulder would recover on its own.

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Peter RPeter’s Story (Bilateral Shoulder Replacement Surgery)

Living with chronic arthritis brings challenges. It’s extremely painful and with a diagnosis of arthritis in both shoulders, any movement can be excruciating. “My shoulders would just throb,” says Peter Ragusa, owner of Gofer Ice Cream of Greenwich, CT. “Scooping ice-cream, taking care of customers and even just relaxing and watching my favorite show on TV, left me with shoulder pain that was at times unbearable.”

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Kenny KKenny's Story (Total Knee Replacement)

For years, Kenny had been suffering from arthritis that went too far. The decision to undergo a total knee replacement this past May (2016) has made a difference.

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JohnJohn’s Story (Rotator Cuff Injury)

Nearly two decades ago, John Tremaine was skiing in Colorado when he took a fall on his right shoulder during his last run of the day. Despite years of physical therapy, his condition did not improve. Everything changed in May of 2015 when he made a visit to Dr. Corinne VanBeek.

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Tamara Tamara’s Story (Partial Knee Replacement)

Tamara Ledwith was due to leave for a special anniversary trip to multiple European countries in just under two weeks but noticed her knees were hurting due to arthritis. That’s where Dr. Edward Feliciano came in.

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BeverlyBeverly's Story (Reverse Shoulder Replacement)

Beverly Greco of Stamford declares she’s, “Back to living again for the first time in 7 years.” She had been experiencing significant arthritis pain for a long time. It wasn’t until just a couple of years ago that Greco noticed she couldn’t lift her arm up to its normal height.

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BrigetteBrigette's Story (Scoliosis)

Brigette Suerig was in the fifth grade, just about to turn 10, when she was diagnosed with scoliosis during a routine physical. A specialist in New Jersey, where she and her family reside, found a “c” curve of 12 degrees and recommended that she wear a brace for 20 hours a day.

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ChuckChuck's Story (Spinal Stenosis)

When a disk in Chuck's lower neck ruptured he lost a great deal of feeling & function in his left fingers, hand and arm. Dr. Douglas' approach was a minimally invasive procedure which helped Chuck regain full function and return to an active lifestyle.

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MarciaMarcia's Story (Knee Replacement)

Marcia Mandi has had a total of five knee surgeries, including two knee replacements. After her excellent care at Stamford Hospital and rehabilitation at the Tully Health Center, she was able to resume her day-to-day life and even meet a few new challenges.

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DonnaDonna's Story (Scoliosis)

Donna D. had scoliosis since she was 12 years old. It was never an issue until she got to be in her 50s and noticed her back was extremely sore by the end of the day. A lab technician at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in Torrington by day and single parent to four children around the clock, being active is second nature to Donna, so she didn’t want back pain to slow her down.

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