Your health, safety and peace of mind come first at Stamford Health. Multiple locations, easy scheduling, curved paddles for comfort and a caring staff make your screening that much easier:

Choose from four convenient imaging locations in Stamford, Darien, Greenwich and Wilton.
Day, evening, or weekend appointments available — book a time that fits your schedule.
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Our team of experienced radiologists have expertise in both breast and general radiology. 

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A referral from your general practitioner or gynecologist may not be needed to book a screening at the Stamford Health Breast Center, depending on your insurance.

You will receive your results typically within one business day by phone and through the patient portal. This will reduce your wait time at our office. In addition, your results will be sent to your physicians, if you’d like to keep them informed, and to you by mail.

At every screening, you’ll receive a breast cancer risk assessment to help you understand your individual risk. If you’ve been previously told by a healthcare provider or it’s determined that you’re at higher risk, our high risk specialist will develop a personalized care plan that’s tailored for you.

Our commitment to providing expert, patient-centered women’s care has been recognized by a number of highly-respected organizations. Schedule your annual mammogram at our award–winning Breast Center today.

Close To You

Schedule your mammogram when (and where) it’s convenient for you. Walk-ins are accommodated.

Our Awards

Our American College of Radiology-accredited mammography program meets all requirements of the Mammography Quality Standards Act. This means we meet or exceed national benchmarks for image quality and staff qualifications. We have also earned the designation of Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology. Additionally, we were the first in the country to be accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. We recently received reaccreditation and multiple best practice awards, including recognition for our High Risk Program which provides personalized guidance and surveillance for women at a higher risk of developing breast cancer.



NAPBC Certification

We were the first in the country to be accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers, notably for our personalized guidance and surveillance program for women who have an elevated risk of developing breast cancer.

ACR Designated Comprehensive Breast Imaging Center

Stamford Health was awarded the gold standard in medical imaging from the American College of Radiology, recognizing excellence in mammogram, stereotactic breast biopsy, ultrasound, and MRI.


Planetree Gold Status Designation

We’re the only health system in Connecticut to have our hospital and medical group awarded a joint gold designation for an approach to care that goes beyond medical needs and addresses social, spiritual, and mental health considerations as well.

FAQs About Your Mammogram

  • Why Annual Mammograms Matter
    • The average American woman has a 12% lifetime risk of developing breast cancer
    • One in eight women will get breast cancer
    • The risk of breast cancer increases significantly beginning at age 40, and continues to rise as you get older
  • The Cost of Your Mammogram
    The Stamford Health Breast Center accepts most major insurance plans. Community grants allow us to provide mammograms to people without insurance or those who qualify. 
  • Who should get a Mammogram?
    • Women 40 and over, regardless of symptoms or family history
    • Women under 40 who have a high risk of breast cancer based upon family history or a unique genetic profile should talk to their health care provider about when they should start getting annual mammograms
  • Preparing for Your Mammogram
    • The day of screening don’t use lotions, deodorant or other personal care products near your breasts because they may hinder the accuracy of your result
    • Refrain from consuming caffeine products before your appointment, as it may increase breast tenderness
    • Otherwise, eat and drink as you normally would
    • Wear a comfortable top that can be easily removed
  • What to Expect at Your Mammogram
    • Expect the complete breast screening with 3D mammography to take about 20 minutes
    • In a private room, you’ll remove your upper clothes and put on a comfortable robe. You and your mammography technologist will be the only people in the room
    • At the imaging machine the mammography technologist will place your breast on the surface and gently compress it with a plastic plate to ensure the most accurate image
    • If you feel discomfort because of the compression, let the breast radiologist know and they will make necessary adjustments
  • If you have dense breasts and need both mammography and breast ultrasound, are they covered by insurance?

    For most patients with private insurance, screening breast ultrasounds will be covered by insurance.

    As of October 2023, Medicare will no longer cover breast ultrasounds used for screening patients with dense breast tissue, if the sole indication for the exam is dense breast tissue. Due to this change, Medicare may not cover your breast ultrasound.

    While mammography is a powerful screening tool in the early detection of breast cancer, it is less effective in patients with dense breasts. Research has found women who have dense breast tissue (which can hide small abnormalities in the breast) benefit from supplementary screening tests which includes breast ultrasound. Therefore, we continue to recommend screening breast ultrasound in those with dense breast tissue to increase sensitivity in detecting breast cancer.

    If a patient wishes to proceed with the ultrasound, understanding it may not be covered, they will need to sign an advanced beneficiary notice (ABN) before the ultrasound is done. The rates for screening breast ultrasounds range between $115 to $215, dependent on the study being performed.

    Patients can reach out to our Contact Center with any questions: 203.276.2602.

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