Pediatric Care & Treatment 

Cohen Children's Institute heroAt Stamford Health’s Steven & Alexandra Cohen Children’s Institute, we believe children are not just miniature adults—they’re our hopes and dreams and our greatest gift. This all begs the delicate question: how can we give them the care they need when they're sick and even scared? You can take comfort in knowing we understand the following:

  • Your child metabolizes medications differently than you do.
  • He or she requires different treatments and surgical techniques.
  • Above all, your child seeks out and needs emotional care.

Our team of top pediatric specialists and pediatricians is trained to accommodate the individual needs of your child, no matter how long or brief their stay with us. Here are some of our unique offerings, all with the goal of making you and your family feel more at ease:

  • Pediatric Emergency Department: We are the first facility in the region with a dedicated pediatric emergency department, led by a board certified Pediatric Emergency Medicine Director.
  • The Pediatric Unit: We take special care of our young patients in a warm, uplifting environment.
  • Pediatric Hospitalists: A team of pediatricians who are always in house that cares for your child, 24/7.
  • Pediatric Surgery: Our goal is to help your child understand our process and keep him or her comfortable.
  • Pediatric Programs that inform and educate you about your child’s specific situation.
  • NICU: Our neonatologists, nurses, and pediatric specialists are dedicated to giving extra care to our smallest patients.
  • Kids' Fans: A community-wide program that promotes healthy eating, physical activity, and obesity prevention in children ages 3 to 18.
  • Cohen Children's Specialty Center: We bring highly skilled pediatric specialists to the community.

Cohen Specialty Center

Illustration 1Families no longer have to travel to New York or beyond to find advanced children's healthcare. We've assembled a team of top specialists right here.

Cohen Specialty Center

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Illustration 2Our NICU team takes the time to provide individualized care and special attention to your baby with a warm, family-centered approach.

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Pediatric Surgery

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Our pediatric team takes a compassionate, family-centered approach to both inpatient and outpatient care.

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