The nervous system controls everything in the human body. Stamford Health's neurosciences team of experts is here to help you understand the relationship between the complexities of your nervous system and how it plays a role in your specific medical condition and set of needs.

Neurosciences at Stamford Health is comprised of a variety of disciplines with board certified and specialty trained physicians and staff, all willing and ready to work with you on an individual basis.

Our neurosciences programs include:

  • Stroke Center

    We strive to achieve long-term success in improving stroke outcomes. It's important to recognize and act upon the warning signs of stroke.

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  • Geriatric Care

    Feeling good, staying happy and remaining productive for as long as possible are our goals for you at Stamford Health's Geriatric Assessment Center. That's why we work with you and your care team to create personalized plans.

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  • Geriatric Emergency Medicine Initiative (GEMI)

    We hope no one, young or senior, needs to visit any emergency room. Should you have to, however, our team will give you an unparalleled, seamless level of care from admission to discharge.

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  • Neurosurgery

    We're experts in a wide spectrum of brain and spine conditions and disorders, striving for modern methods and a minimally invasive approach whenever possible.

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  • Neurology

    Our neurology team is committed to providing specialized care for those who have concerns relating to the brain, spinal cord or nervous system.

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  • Pain Management Center

    Whether your pain is acute, chronic or related to cancer, our team offers comprehensive options with a caring approach to your situation.

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