Beverly’s Story (Reverse Shoulder Replacement)

Beverly Greco of Stamford declares she’s, “Back to living again for the first time in 7 years.” She had been experiencing significant arthritis pain for a long time. It wasn’t until just a couple of years ago that Greco noticed she couldn’t lift her arm up to its normal height. Beverly accepted the pain as arthritis until she paid a visit to her primary care provider, Dr. Allison Ostroff, who referred her to orthopedic surgeon and shoulder specialist Dr. Corinne VanBeek for evaluation.

Greco admits she was reluctant to consider any type of operation after having two knee surgeries (including one corrective surgery) and one back surgery after which she didn’t easily recover. However, Dr. VanBeek helped Beverly to clearly weigh her options, including her recommendation to undergo reverse shoulder replacement. After a couple of weeks considering her options, Beverly decided to proceed with surgery and fully stands behind her decision.

“I’m [happy to say] I’m finished with surgery,” says Greco. “I swear by Dr. VanBeek. She has angel hands—it’s like a miracle. I’ve had minimal to no pain. I don’t know how to thank her enough—her parents must be proud.”
Beverly Greco has come a long way, thanks to her own determination, Dr. Ostroff, Dr. VanBeek, and Stamford Health Physical Therapy.

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