John’s Story (Rotator Cuff Injury)

Nearly two decades ago, John Tremaine of New Canaan was skiing in Beaver Creek, CO when he took a fall on his right shoulder during his last run of the day. “At the time, [I was told] it wasn’t severe enough to do anything, so I left it alone.” Despite years of physical therapy, his condition did not improve. In fact, Tremaine describes his shoulder as, “[Always] clunking and rattling around.” Everything changed in May of 2015, however, when his primary care physician, Dr. Deena Ebright, recommended he visit orthopedic surgeon and shoulder specialist Dr. Corinne VanBeek for evaluation.

Dr. VanBeek quickly assessed the fact that Tremaine did need surgery. Together, they promptly scheduled an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair and an all-arthroscopic biceps tenodesis. “I have to say,” proclaims Tremaine, “These new, non-invasive surgical procedures are remarkable. It’s always a constant process of slow improvement, but now at 68 years old, I’m doing arm weights!”

Tremaine gives endless thanks to the Stamford Health system and its continued efforts to integrate all physicians and specialists. “Stamford is really on top of their game. Not only was Dr. VanBeek professional and thorough, but she’s a marvelous person as well. Her assistant, Robert, is also superb.”

Tremaine feels as though he’s really at 100% compared to years past. “There’s nothing I knew I couldn’t do as it relates to my shoulder. I have full confidence in [my abilities]. My recommendation? Don’t put this off! You shouldn’t have to live in fear of a situation when you could [very well] become whole again in a month or two.”

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