Tamara’s Story (Partial Knee Replacement)

Tamara Ledwith of Darien has always been an active participant in sports as well as the Bennett Cancer Center’s very own Hope in Motion events. Over time, she noticed her knees were hurting due to arthritis. In September of 2015, she tripped over her large—but friendly—Irish Wolfhound named Brutus. She went flying and landed on her knees in what she describes an “awkward” way. She was due to leave for a special anniversary trip to multiple European countries in just under two weeks. That’s where Dr. Edward Feliciano came in.

Just days after her run-in with Brutus, Tamara explained her pain to Dr. Feliciano, who immediately let her know that not just one, but both knees, required partial replacement surgery (patellofemoral arthroplasty). “We picked the one that hurt the most and made a short-term plan [so I could go on my vacation],” recalls Ledwith. Dr. Feliciano immediately got insurance approval for a gel to help cushion Tamara’s knee. “[This approach] really helped, and I was able to walk over 5 miles a day on my trip.”
Tamara underwent surgery on December 15 and returned back to work on January 11, thanks to Dr. Feliciano’s expertise and the help of physical therapy. “He made sure to address my questions [no matter what],” she acknowledges.

“Tamara’s surgery is not that common a procedure,” says Feliciano. “Most of the time, arthritis effects the whole knee, but hers was specific to the underside of the knee cap, so there wasn’t a need for a total replacement. We took the less invasive approach and it really did alleviate her symptoms and made for a better recovery.”

“Dr. Feliciano really went out of his way to fit me in, educate me and my husband on the anatomy of the knee, and provide an exceptional level of care. He was honest with me about what to expect,” concludes Ledwith.
Feliciano reassures, “I always try to accommodate my patients as much as possible. I work with them individually so they can do things like go on special trips.”

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