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New Patients & Parents

New Patients & Parents

From infancy through the teenage years and beyond, your children’s health needs are constantly changing. As pediatricians and parents ourselves, we want to see children thrive, succeed, develop, and most of all, enjoy life to the fullest.

When you’re looking for a pediatrician, you want someone who’s easy to talk to, focused and committed to every aspect of your child’s well-being through all life’s stages.

Stamford Health Medical Group’s pediatricians have decades of experience and have the qualities you’re looking for in a trusted care partner. While pediatric medicine is ever-changing, our principle philosophies remain the same for your child and for your family:

  • We believe in a team approach to treating children—that’s why you can depend on Stamford Health Medical Group’s pediatricians to ensure excellent and evidence-based care for your child.
  • We’re a designated Patient-Centered Medical Home, a personal model of healthcare that leads to better outcomes.
  • Preventive medicine is the best treatment against serious diseases.
  • We firmly believe in the effectiveness and safety of vaccines. Vaccines are essential in protecting your child, your family and the community. All children and young adults should receive the recommended immunizations according to the Centers for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Services Offered

Services Offered

First Visit

Do you have a newborn?
If you’re the parent, or about to be the parent of a newborn, congratulations! The labor and delivery team at Stamford Hospital will let us know your baby has arrived.

  • At the time of delivery, you will be asked to designate a pediatrician for the care of your baby. When you mention our names, as pediatricians at the Stamford Health Medical Group, the hospital team will make sure to contact us for you. No further registration is needed.
  • A pediatrician will meet you and your baby at Stamford Hospital the morning after you’ve given birth to do an initial assessment.
  • If you’re having your baby at a hospital other than Stamford, please ask the hospital staff to fax your child’s medical records to our office.

    Learn more about tests and vaccines for your baby right after birth.

Do you have an older child?
If you're new to town or transferring from another practice, we would like to welcome you and your older child. Please call our office at 203.327.1055 so we can gather all necessary information and get your child registered. Please note we will need previous medical records prior to your child’s first well exam with our practice. We'll ask you to register your child by filling out forms that our staff will provide.

Well Visit

Your Infant’s Well Visits

The first office visit for your baby is usually 2-4 days after your baby leaves the hospital. At this visit, we’ll:

  • Check your baby’s weight.
  • Perform a physical exam.
  • Answer any questions you may have about your baby’s development.

Following this initial visit, we will see your baby as needed or until he or she begins to eat and gain weight at a consistent pace.

  • Depending on your baby's specific needs, we may see him or her daily or every few days for his or her first two weeks of life.
  • Once we're comfortable your baby is growing well, we will then schedule visits for the following ages: 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, 24 months and 30 months.

Regular well care and immunizations are key to keeping your baby healthy, monitoring development and preventing illness. We will work with you to schedule well-child visits at the ages recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Please note: we require that your children have completed their entire primary vaccines by 2 years of age at the latest. If you’re concerned about any of the vaccines, please contact us. If you absolutely refuse to vaccinate your child, we will ask you to find another pediatric practice that shares your philosophy

Your Toddler or Older Child’s Well Visits

  • After the three-year checkup, we like to see children for a yearly exam until they turn five.
  • From age five until puberty, we still prefer to see your child once a year for exams, but please check with your insurance provider about coverage.
  • If your child has ongoing or new medical conditions or takes daily or frequent medication, we may need to see your child more frequently.

Your Teenager’s Well Visits

During the teen years, we suggest annual exams. One of our primary functions as pediatricians is counseling and guidance during what can be an emotionally challenging time for both adolescent boys and adolescent girls. We strive to maintain trusting doctor-patient relationships with adolescents as they navigate their new growth and development.

Sick Visit

Sick visits are available by appointment, usually the same day you call, or by walk-in during designated walk-in hours.

Walk-in Hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 4:00 P.M - 5:00 P.M

Please enter via Door 1 and register with the front desk. Please make sure to wear a mask and be prepared to social distance. We are hoping to add morning walk in hours this coming winter.

COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 PCR and rapid testing is done at both SHMG pediatric practices. COVID-19 vaccination appointments for children over age 5 can be made here or call 203.276.7300.

Flu shots

We always recommend seasonal flu vaccine for every one of our eligible patients.

School Forms

School Forms

View and download our forms prior to your visit.

CT Early Childhood Assessment

CT School Form

More Resources

More Resources

Emergency Resources

***If there is any life threatening emergency, please, ALWAYS call 9-1-1***

American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC)

Suicide And Crisis

Informational Websites and Hotlines

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

American Academy of Pediatrics

La Leche League

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services : Vaccines and Main Website

American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Mayo Clinic

American Board of Pediatrics

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration : Car Seat & Booster Guidelines and Safety

Recall Database

Mental Health Conditions

Teens & Young Adults

Mental health conditions are common among teens and young adults. 1 in 5 live with a mental health condition—half develop the condition by age 14 and three quarters by age 24.

For some, experiencing the first signs can be scary and confusing. Discussing what you are going through with others is an important first step to getting help. Speaking up and asking for help is a sign of strength. You will be amazed by the support you get simply by asking.

A mental health condition isn't your fault or your family's fault—it develops for complicated reasons that researchers are only starting to understand. But we understand a lot about how you can live well with a mental health condition—and you have the power to take the steps necessary to improve your mental health.

Mental health services and supports are available and the earlier you access them the better. Many teens and young adults live full lives with a mental health condition. More and more teens and young adults are speaking out about their experiences and connecting with others. Check out Ok2Talk to see what others are saying. You are not alone—there are others out there going through the same things you are.

Research & Statistics

Financial Assistance

  • Allsup provides non-attorney representation when applying for SSDI. Phone: 800-279-4357
  • provides specific information about coverage options in your state, includes private options, high risk pools and other public programs. Phone: 1-800-318-2596
  • provides information on state and local assistance programs, charity organizations and resources that provide help paying bills, mortgage assistance, debt relief and more.
  • NeedyMeds provides information on available patient assistance programs. Phone: 1-800-503-6897
  • Partnership for Prescription Assistance helps qualifying individuals without prescription drug coverage get the medications they need.
Advocacy And Legal
  • Legal Services Corporation provides civil legal aid to low-income Americans. Use their website to find programs in individual states. Scroll to the bottom of their website to find locate legal aid near you.
  • National Bar Association provides a directory of state and local bar associations to help find legal representation.
  • National Disability Rights Network (State Protection and Advocacy Agencies) protects the civil rights of individuals with disabilities, particularly in hospitals and state prison systems. Click on the map on the right-hand side of their website to locate the agency near you.

Community Support Services

  • Clubhouse International provides a directory of clubhouses. Clubhouses provide opportunities for education, employment and social activities. Click the 'International Directory' tab on their website to find contact information for local clubhouses.
  • provides a national directory of homeless shelters, assistance programs, soup kitchens and more.
  • Job Accommodation Network is an organization that provides resources and guidance on workplace accommodations and disability employment issues. Their website includes a directory of state vocational rehabilitation offices. Phone: 800-526-7234
  • 2-1-1 Dial 2-1-1 from a local phone or use their website to search for organizations that offer local support resources and services.

      Location & Hours

      Location & Hours

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      Hours of Operation

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