Our Approach

The Steven & Alexandra Cohen Children’s Institute at Stamford Health is proud to offer expert-driven care delivered with compassion for our youngest patients.

  • Our state-of-the-art facilities are built for the care of children and the comfort of families. Our Inpatient Unit at Stamford Hospital includes private spaces for parents to be able to work and allows for at least one parent to stay with your child 24 hours a day.
  • Most of our outpatient surgical procedures are performed at the Tully Health Center where there is valet parking, a café, and pharmacy.
  • Our pediatric surgeons have undergone specialized training and are board-certified in their field. We also have on-site pediatric hospitalists 24/7 in the unlikely event an emergency arises when your surgeon is not in the hospital.
  • Our surgeons work with a team devoted to giving your child personalized care. Team members include our pediatric emergency room physicians and nurses, pediatric anesthesiologists, pediatric radiologists, neonatologists, pediatric hospitalists, and our experienced neonatal and pediatric nurses.

Preparing Your Child For Surgery

For many children, having surgery and staying overnight in the hospital can be intimidating. As many of our pediatric team are parents as well, we take every effort to make your child’s experience as comfortable and easy as possible. We encourage parents to speak with their child ahead of surgery to answer any questions they have or express their feelings and concerns. Our team also welcomes the opportunity to speak with your child before their procedure. Watch this video to learn more about the experience through a child’s eyes.

What To Expect

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If admitted, your child will stay in are Cohen Pediatric Unit where all the rooms are private with enough space to allow at least one parent to stay 24 hours a day.
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The operating rooms have been fitted with the necessary equipment to care for even the smallest of infants. Pediatric surgery is performed at both Stamford Hospital and the Tully Health Center.
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To help ease any pre-surgery jitters, your surgical team will thoughtfully walk you and your child through each step of your child’s surgery so that everyone feels confident and comfortable.


We work closely with our neonatologists and fetal medicine colleagues to evaluate fetuses and premature infants who may have surgical issues. If necessary, we can schedule consultations with parents to discuss the findings and plan appropriately.

Surgery Admission Process

Your pediatric specialist and surgeon will work with you to schedule your child’s surgery and help to prepare you. While each surgery is specific to your child, the admission process is largely the same for all of our patients.

  • On the day before your surgery, your nurse will call you to tell you when and where you should arrive and what to bring. Surgical schedules change frequently and last-minute changes are common.
  • The nurse will also share specific instructions on when your child needs to stop eating and drinking in preparation for the operation.
  • Upon check-in, you and your child will get an ID band, which contains important information that will help us meet your child’s individual needs. If the child’s band is removed, falls off, or becomes uncomfortable, let a nurse know immediately.

Pediatric Surgeries Offered

These are a few of the more common procedures done at Stamford Health, but our expert surgeons perform a wide variety of pediatric surgeries.

Excision Of Cyst
A cyst is a sac or cavity in the body that contains fluid. Because various types of cysts exist, excision of cysts in children is performed on an individual basis.

Gallbladder Surgery
Also called a cholecystectomy, gallbladder removal surgery is generally considered safe for children.

Gastrointestinal & Colorectal Surgery
This encompasses surgery within your child’s upper and lower digestive tract. Whenever possible, our surgeons depend on minimally invasive techniques.

Hernia Repair
As with adult hernias, pediatric hernias need to be repaired to avoid potentially serious complications that may result if the hernia becomes trapped or incarcerated.

MALS Surgery
Median arcuate ligament syndrome (MALS) is a congenital anatomic anomaly, meaning it is a structural aberrance present at the time of birth. In this surgery, the celiac plexus nerves are identified as the cause of a patient’s pain. In an open procedure, the surgeon resects the median arcuate ligament and removes the celiac plexus nerves.

Minimally Invasive Appendectomy
An appendectomy is a surgery to remove a child’s appendix, a non-vital organ on the lower right side of the abdomen.

Repair Of Funnel Chest
Funnel Chest, or pectus excavatum, is a congenital deformity of the chest wall that causes a sunken breastbone and ribs. Today, surgery exists to fix the shape of the bone.

The spleen is an abdominal organ that plays an important role in filtering blood for the immune system. Blood-related diseases are a main reason for removal of the spleen in children.

Tonsillectomy is one of the more common surgeries for kids and teens. Our talented ear, nose, and throat surgeons are skilled at this procedure.

Vascular Access
Typically used for various treatments via IV, chemotherapy, and blood transfusions, vascular access refers to the process of easily accessing your child’s vascular system, or veins.

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