Pediatric Emergency Room

For emergencies, please dial 911. To reach the pediatric emergency room, call 203.276.7631, daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

About The Pediatric Emergency Department

Children aren't little "grown-ups." They have different needs than adults, both medically and developmentally. Children and their families look for practitioners who are trained in recognizing these specific differences and delivering a more soothing approach to ease what can be perceived as a frightening experience.

The outcome? The pediatric emergency department at Stamford Hospital. Along with Stamford Hospital's pediatric inpatient unit, the result is a game-changer in pediatric care.

We are the first facility in the region with a separate pediatric emergency department, led by a specialty-trained, board-certified Pediatric Emergency Medicine Director. A dedicated pediatric area, staffed by a specially trained team of individuals, eases what can be a scary experience for our youngest patients.

Each room is appropriately equipped for all pediatric emergencies. Among its soothing features is a separate child-friendly waiting room with a nautical theme and a fish tank.

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What To Expect

What makes the pediatric department different?

Stamford Hospital's pediatric emergency department is a separate pediatric area staffed by a specialty-trained team of individuals. Each room is appropriately equipped for all pediatric emergencies and we are able to provide emergency care to children 24 hours a day, including a pediatric surgeon and anesthesiologist. The decision to create two separate emergency departments is inspired by the need to keep children in a soothing and caring environment suited for them.

Who will care for my child in the pediatric emergency department?

The Pediatric Emergency Department is open daily from 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. At all other hours of the day, children will be seen by emergency department doctors who are supported 24 hours a day by pediatric hospitalists and specialists. 

What are some reasons to bring my child to the pediatric emergency department? 

We recommend you bring your child to the pediatric emergency department for situations such as injuries, abdominal pain or suspected appendicitis, respiratory illnesses and seizures or other neurological emergencies. If your newborn is ill, we recommend bringing him or her here as a precaution.  

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