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A Message from Michael Parry, MD, Director of Infectious Disease and the Thomas J. Bradsell Chair of Infectious Diseases, Stamford Hospital

We take both the spread and prevention of infectious diseases seriously. Our board-certified infectious disease specialists and infection prevention nurses work tirelessly to protect and promote the health of our community, staff, and patients.

Specialists in infectious diseases are also experts in the use of antibiotics, including the potential dangers associated with their use and overuse. Services include:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases
  • Travel medicine
  • Antibiotic resistant bacterial infections
  • Hospital acquired infections

Infectious diseases can be spread in a variety of ways: 

  • From one person to another
  • Bites from animals or insects
  • Ingesting contaminated food or water
  • Environmental exposure

Michael F. Parry
Infectious Disease

(203) 353-1427

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As a Planetree hospital, we hold ourselves to nothing but the highest standards when it comes to keeping you healthy. To achieve this goal, our infectious disease team:

  • Conducts emergency preparedness and staff education at all levels.
  • Oversees all infection prevention activities through hospital-wide surveillance with a goal of zero hospital acquired infections
  • Supervises disinfection and sterilization procedures in the hospital and its affiliated practices
  • Consults with your physicians and sees inpatients and outpatients with problematic infections on a regular basis.
  • Performs research through clinical trials, hospital epidemiology and microbiology laboratory studies.
  • Constantly updates our staff’s practice guidelines for various types of infectious diseases.
  • Oversees antibiotic use in the hospital as part of our strategy for preventing hospital-acquired infections and minimizing the risk of antibiotic resistance.
  • Promotes vaccination to prevent the spread of contagious diseases in the hospital and community
  • Monitors the risk of emerging infectious around the world for purposes of emergency management and travel health advisories.

As a multidisciplinary team, our efforts are constantly escalating to meet the needs of the healthcare system. Infection prevention represents one of the most important activities of Stamford Health.


Disease Prevention 101

As Mom always said, washing your hands is the easiest way to prevent getting sick. No soap? Hand sanitizer will do the trick.

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