It's a New Year, but it hurts to move!

Published: January 04, 2016

By Deb Valentine, MSN, CCM, ONC, Clinical Care Coordinator for the Orthopedic and Spine Institute 

It’s that time of year again when you start to reflect on your life from the past year and make goals for the New Year. How about if you have a goal to improve your health by being more physically active, but unfortunately you are in too much PAIN to move!

According to the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons, there are over 21 million people in the U.S. that may suffer from osteoarthritis, a progressive disease of the joints. The articular cartilage that covers the ends of the bones wears away and becomes rough and painful. As a result of the joint pain, people begin to lose their range of motion and become more inactive.

Osteoarthritis can be diagnosed when Orthopedic Surgeons get a medical history and physical assessment, obtain X-Rays, and perform any lab work needed. Treatment will start out conservative to prevent progression and relieve the symptoms. After conservative treatments have been exhausted, then surgery may be the best recommendation to minimize the pain and to improve function.

A common, known, surgical procedure that may be performed would be a total joint replacement. A total joint replacement is done by an Orthopedic Surgeon who will resurface the ends of the bones and create the joint that is made up of metal and/or plastic. The benefit to having a joint replacement is eliminating the arthritic pain so you can walk without being in constant pain.

Our team at the Orthopedic & Spine Institute has board certified Orthopedic Surgeons that have the ability to diagnose, treat, and perform a Total Joint Replacement if indicated. Recovery time depends on the individual, and can be anywhere from three to twelve months.

So if you are one of those patients that has been having challenges walking, or going up and down stairs, take the time for yourself to have your joints evaluated by an Orthopedic Surgeon to start your journey towards wellness for the New Year!

If you are interested on learning more about our orthopedic programs you may contact Deb Valentine MSN, CCM, ONC, at 203.276.7263.

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