Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

98 percent of all our plastic surgeries can be done with minimally invasive techniques. Most procedures can be done on an outpatient basis, with minimal external incisions and state-of-the-art pain management. This means less blood loss, fewer complications, lighter anesthesia and faster recovery.

Plastic surgery falls into two categories. Cosmetic surgery is a surgical change of an otherwise normal physical feature. Reconstructive surgery is a surgical restoration or correction of the form or function of a physical attribute that falls out of the realm of normal. (This is usually due to a birth defect, traumatic injury, or illness such as cancer.) We offer a full range of both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery options.

Cosmetic Surgery

  • Abdominal plastic surgery 
  • Alteration of ears or nose 
  • Body fat removal 
  • Breast enhancement and reduction 
  • Brow lift 
  • Chemical peels and dermabrasion 
  • Contouring of the chin, face, abdomen, face, hips and limbs 
  • Eyebrow, eyelid and forehead rejuvenation 
  • Face lift 
  • Facial rejuvenation 
  • Laser skin resurfacing 
  • Nasoplasty
  • Scar revision 
  • Tattoo removal 
  • Vascular blemish/spider vein treatment 

Reconstructive Surgery

  • Breast reconstruction after cancer 
  • Congenital defect repair such as cleft palate 
  • Craniofacial deformity reconstruction 
  • Hand surgery 
  • Head and neck reconstruction after cancer
  • Microvascular surgery 
  • Removal and reconstruction after skin cancer

Our trained team of plastic surgeons is prepared to help you decide on the best procedure to meet your goals. Our surgical plan is tailored uniquely to your concerns and needs. All of our plastic surgeons are board certified; many have academic appointments at Columbia University Medical School and Yale University Medical School.

Members of our expert team have been listed as top doctors in the following publications: American Cosmetic Surgeons and Dentists, Connecticut, Greenwich, Ladies' Home Journal, New Canaan, Darien, Rowayton, New York, Top Doctors, Top Surgeons, and Redbook.

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