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About Me

Dr. Sophie Bartsich is a native New Yorker with a multi-cultural background. Multilingual from an early age, she completed the French baccalaureate with a focus on math and biology. She attended Cornell University, where her interests expanded, and she pursued her undergraduate degree in psychology while learning about the arts. Compelled by a growing interest in design, she completed a graduate degree at the world-renowned Parsons School of Design while working in the fashion world on a corporate level.

Ultimately, the call to medicine returned, and she completed her pre-medicine post-baccalaureate at Columbia University, followed by her medical degree at the Weill Cornell Medical College. In order to meld all of her interests and preserve her desire to design, Dr. Bartsich continued her training in plastic and reconstructive surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital, where she is now an assistant clinical professor.

Dr. Bartsich currently practices plastic surgery in New York and Connecticut, melding her love of science with her passion for the arts. An expert in breast procedures and a self-proclaimed women’s health warrior, her focus is on cosmetic breast surgery and post-partum abdominal wall reconstruction. She performs a wide variety of procedures and has a unique level of experience with reconstructive surgery after trauma or mastectomy, as well as complicated revision surgery for the breast and abdomen.

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Published Work

Commentary on:

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Journal Articles
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Board Certifications

American Board of Plastic Surgery

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