Ophthalmology (Eye Care) 

The board-certified ophthalmologists of Stamford Health's Ophthalmology Division share a singular mission: protect and preserve our patients’ eyesight. As part of our Department of Surgery, we are actively involved in the medical and surgical eye healthcare of our entire hospital community, providing treatment and consultations for the Emergency Department, Tully Immediate Care Center, outpatient clinics, and other hospitalized patients.

We offer state-of-the-art cataract eye surgery and retinal procedures along with glaucoma, strabismus, corneal and oculoplastic procedures (e.g., eyelid or tear duct repair). Our ophthalmologists perform most surgical procedures on an outpatient basis at Stamford Hospital’s main campus, the Tully Health Center or the Wilton Ambulatory Surgical Center. Most of our ophthalmologists also see patients for diagnosis and treatment at their private practices.

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