Feets of Strength: From Injury to Adventure

Published: April 12, 2016

By Stamford Health Staff

Have you ever embarked on a cruise and hiking trip halfway across the world just three weeks after two near back-to-back injuries? Nancy Voye Weissler, a longtime resident of Greenwich, CT and active town volunteer, achieved just that. Nancy considers herself a physically fit person and engages in athletic activities such as tennis, running, skiing, and hiking. Remaining active inspired her trip of a lifetime to Argentina and Antarctica and her most recent ski trip to Utah.

Life threw a challenge her way before Thanksgiving during a game of tennis. Even though she “got the ball,” Nancy knew something was amiss: her knee was in pain. Determined to not let the soreness get her down, Nancy attended the Thanksgiving morning Turkey Trot as planned and noticed she was running slower than usual. On November 30, she saw Dr. Joseph D’Amico who determined she had experienced a meniscal tear.
“Nancy’s a very active woman. I’ve known and provided medical care to Nancy and other members of her family for a number of years. ” Additionally, one of Nancy’s daughters, a graduate of Greenwich High School, spent her one-month senior internship at Dr. D’Amico’s practice several years ago. She will be graduating in one year from Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and will pursue a residency in plastic surgery.

As if a meniscal tear weren’t challenging enough, Nancy attended a Town Hall meeting on December 1 where she slipped and broke her foot. But time was ticking; she was due to leave with her husband for Argentina and Antarctica in nearly three weeks! She returned to Dr. D’Amico that day, and together they made sure she wouldn’t have to sacrifice this long-awaited adventure. Understanding how important this trip was to Nancy, Dr. D’Amico assessed the situation and was willing to put an orthotic in Nancy’s hiking boot and even contacted the cruise company associated with her trip, true examples of Stamford Health’s continuous efforts to put our patients’ needs first.

“They could barely believe I was there for different injuries,” Weissler proclaims. “But thanks to Dr. D’Amico, I didn’t feel like I gave up anything on the trip.”

“I know Nancy to always be on the go,” confirms D’Amico. “I knew injuries would not keep her down. That’s why we made a plan to get her on her trip, have her knee surgery after, and get her back to skiing. She stayed on track and most certainly knows what she’s doing.”

As predicted, Nancy and her husband enjoyed their once-in-a-lifetime journey to the fullest. Her outpatient meniscal surgery on January 20 at Tully Health Center went smoothly. “Service is excellent at Tully,” says Weissler. Nancy immediately set a goal for herself to get back on the slopes. She followed Dr. D’Amico’s plan of attending Physical Therapy twice a week and improved rapidly. Sure enough, she left to ski on March 2, just six weeks after her surgery.

“[This level of care] makes a lot of difference to busy, active professionals like Nancy,” concludes D’Amico. Learn more about Dr. D’Amico’s offerings.

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