Bill's Story (Recovery from COVID-19)

Published: April 12, 2021

A severe case of COVID-19.

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Bill is a 62-year-old Stamford resident, husband and father who recently fought an extensive battle with severe COVID-19. In mid-February he was admitted to Stamford Hospital and was transferred after only a few days to the intensive care unit (ICU) for roughly another week. He was placed on a ventilator for several days from that time on until he was able to breathe with the help of oxygen therapy. After spending a short time in the intermediate care unit, he was then transferred to the Stamford Health Van Munching Rehabilitation Unit for physical and occupational therapy where he made a remarkable recovery.


Bill began to regain a true sense of independence.

The staff at Van Munching were thrilled to witness Bill’s success. During his time at the Van Munching Rehabilitation Unit, he spent a total of three hours a day receiving occupational and physical therapy. Nicole Lee, occupational therapist, saw both sides of his patient journey: acute care while he was in the ICU and rehabilitation. Occupational therapy (OT) encourages rehabilitation through the performance of activities required in daily life. She shared that after coming out of acute care Bill was not cognitively performing well and struggled to perform basic daily functions. However, within one short week of rehab including OT, he was fully coherent, able to complete daily activities and breathing entirely on his own again.

That’s not the only person who noticed how well he was doing. Josh Duggan, physical therapist, noted that he had made tremendous and significant progress and it was really empowering to see how fully he has recovered. The PT team at Van Munching guided Bill with a series of exercises such as stair climbing and light cardio workouts to assess his daily capabilities.


Bill expressed gratitude to the angels and miracle workers at Stamford Health.

Upon being initially admitted to the hospital, Bill experienced discomfort as a result of having a severe case of COVID-19. Still, he expressed sincere appreciation and gratefulness for the entire hospital staff, especially the acute care and rehabilitation teams. He could not believe how every person he encountered was extremely pleasant and did each of their job functions cheerfully and with a great attitude. Bill described the rehabilitation unit and staff as fantastic and attributes his successful journey to them and the care he received while he has been admitted at Stamford Hospital. During an interview, Bill recanted, “If I had one thing to tell everyone, it would be that angels and miracle workers work here.”


About the Van Munching Rehabilitation Unit at Stamford Health

Unlike other acute care facilities in the area, The Van Munching Rehabilitation Unit at Stamford Health offers comprehensive inpatient medical rehabilitation services within the hospital, eliminating the need to transfer to another facility if further care is needed. Patients at the Van Munching Rehabilitation Unit receive individualized care and treatment plans consisting of at least three hours a day of physical, occupational, or speech therapy along with 24-hour rehabilitation nursing that supports ongoing therapy strategies. Expert care is provided by our qualified, multidisciplinary team of experienced healthcare professionals to restore patients’ mobility, independence, and quality of life so they can return home and transition into community living.


April is Occupational Therapy Month. We share stories like Bill’s to raise awareness and to help others gain a better understanding of and the difference between and benefits of occupational and physical therapy.

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