7 Reasons to See a Cardiologist

Published: September 13, 2021

David Hsi, MD, Chief, Cardiology, Clinical Professor of Medicine

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When it comes to your heart health, it's most important to stay informed and to make healthy lifestyle choices. You may be wondering about your individual risk of heart disease or you may just be interested in seeing a cardiologist for the first time.

You may benefit from seeing a cardiologist if you:

  1. Are concerned that the anxiety caused by COVID-19 could be affecting your heart health.
    You should be an advocate for your own health during COVID-19 because health never stops being a priority.
  2. Have a family history of heart disease, complications or heart attacks.
    While you can’t change your family history, you can certainly take charge of your own heart health! Your doctor may tell you, “Prevention is the best medicine in the fight against heart disease.” It’s true. If you’re concerned about your family history of heart issues, talk to your doctor.
  3. Aren’t sure about your family history.
    While family history is an important factor, it’s okay to not have all the information you need about your relatives to make decisions about your own health. Ask your primary care doctor (PCP) if you could benefit from seeing a cardiologist, even if just for a consultation.
  4. Want to know your risk of heart disease.
    Any cardiologist would tell you that’s a smart approach. The more you know ahead of time, the more measures you can take to prevent, or even reduce, your risk of heart disease.
  5. Smoke or recently quit smoking.
    Smoking plays a major role in heart disease and heart attacks. If you’ve recently quit, congratulations on taking a very important step toward improved health. If you are trying to quit, but could use the extra support, commit to quit today.
  6. Have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or both.
    These factors can definitely increase your risk for heart disease. There are many reasons to have either high blood pressure or high cholesterol that may not be related to your heart, but you will benefit from working with your doctors to keep both at a level that are healthy for you.
  7. Have a heart murmur.
    In some cases, a heart murmur may mean you have a heart valve problem which your cardiologist can evaluate with advanced imaging.

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Please note: There are many other reasons that would require you to see a cardiologist. Please speak to your doctor if you’re at all concerned about your heart health.

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