Published on March 16, 2018

Ruby and Ken's Story (Breast and Liver Cancers)

Husband and wife, Ken and Ruby Soderquist, say the care they have received at the Carl & Dorothy Bennett Cancer Center (BCC) has been exceptional.

Ruby was initially faced with a breast cancer diagnosis more than a decade ago and underwent a lumpectomy. All was well, until she noticed a rash developing along the scar line in 2016. Once again, she turned to the Bennett Cancer Center for help. Though her cancer had returned, she is so thankful it was caught early. Ruby receives ongoing monthly treatments to keep the cancer from spreading. “I am so grateful for my hematologist, Dr. Paul L. Weinstein,” says Ruby. “He is incredible, and I always feel he cares a great deal about his patients.”

Ken and Ruby Soderquist. Patient Story: Bennett Cancer CenterThen, in August of 2017, Ruby’s husband, Ken was diagnosed with liver cancer. Encouragingly, he was also a candidate for a new radiation therapy called Y90—a treatment that has proven to be extremely effective at killing off cancer cells without damaging surrounding tissue.

Unfortunately, on the day Ken was scheduled to meet with Brian Stainken, M.D., the Chair of Radiology at Stamford Hospital, to discuss the procedure, he struggled to walk and even breathe. Dr. Stainken quickly determined Ken’s lungs were filled with fluid due to congestive heart failure and performed an emergency procedure to drain his lungs. “Dr. Stainken saved my life that day,” Ken recalls with awe.

Soon after, he was well enough to receive the Y90 Treatment. “So far,” says Ken, “it appears to have been successful.” Ken is also deeply grateful to his oncologist, Salvatore Del Prete, M.D. “In addition to being a Yankees fan,” Ken chuckles, “Dr. Del Prete is just amazing. I have full confidence and trust in him.”

Ruby and Ken will tell you their doctors and nurses at the BCC have provided the highest level of cancer care and treated them with the utmost kindness, concern, and compassion. “We could not ask for more,” they say. “They treat us like royalty.”