Published on November 07, 2016

DigniCap® Scalp Cooling System Now at Stamford Health

By Stamford Health's Bennett Cancer Center and Breast Center Staff

Woman after chemotherapy, with hairWith many breast cancer chemotherapies, hair loss is inevitable. For women especially, this side effect can be both devastating and frustrating. To prevent hair loss, many women have tried different “cold caps,” which must be continuously chilled in special freezers or with dry ice in infusion centers, all logistics handled by the patient. Unfortunately, comfort and convenience were not factors. Until now.

The breakthrough DigniCap® scalp cooling system, offered at Stamford Health’s Bennett Cancer Center, is the first scalp cooling system to achieve FDA clearance from the United States for women diagnosed with breast cancer and on certain chemotherapy regimens. It’s a revolutionary alternative designed for comfort, convenience, and confidence in breast cancer patients with chemotherapy-related alopecia. Some of the many key features include:

  • Availability in multiple sizes for a personalized fit
  • Front and rear temperature management for consistent cooling of entire scalp
  • Built-in security sensor to ensure scalp temperature stays above 32 degrees Fahrenheit

How does DigniCap work, exactly? Here’s the full breakdown, what to expect during treatment and the frequently asked questions.

If you’re currently receiving breast cancer treatment at the Bennett Cancer Center and think DigniCap might be a good option for you, we encourage you to talk to your oncologist.

Please note: there are out-of-pocket costs associated with this product that are paid directly to Dignitana, Inc.

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