Hernia Center

A Message from the Director, Stamford Health Hernia CenterDr William Symons, Director of Hernia Center

The Stamford Health Hernia Center offers a comprehensive approach to hernia care. We have assembled a multidisciplinary team to optimally support, treat, and recover our patients with hernias. Our team guides patients and their families with a concierge level of attention throughout the entire process.

The Stamford Health Hernia Center is your local resource for world-class hernia care. Whether you have been diagnosed with a small hernia or have a more complex situation, we will work with you to create a care plan that is right for you and expedites your recovery and return to full function.

William J. Symons, MD, FACS
Vice Chair of Surgery
Director of the Stamford Health Hernia Center

Curious About Hernia Treatments?

We're here to help. Please call our Hernia Center at 203.276.5959 to speak with a team member.

What can I expect if I need hernia surgery?

Everything we do is designed to help you heal and recover. To make sure you have the best outcome possible, we will evaluate your condition prior to surgery and make recommendations that can enhance your recovery. Depending on your health prior to surgery, we may suggest a nutritional plan or a modified exercise regimen or smoking cessation. We'll provide patient counseling and education every step of the way to make sure you are well-prepared for your hernia surgery. And after surgery, you'll receive physical therapy to restore full range of motion and help you return to activities safely and without risk to the surgical site.

What makes hernia surgery at Stamford Health different and unique?

The Stamford Health Hernia Center is focused on excellence. At the hernia center our surgeons are high volume hernia surgeons with extensive training and experience from the most prestigious institutions in the country. Our Hernia surgeon’s outcomes exceed all national benchmarks for hernia surgery. We are proud of our extremely low recurrence rate, and our extremely low surgical site infection rate. In addition to our very low complication rate, our minimally invasive approach to surgery greatly decreases our use of narcotics and expedites our patients return to full activity. Our specialized focus on hernia care allows us to better understand the disease process and the current clinical products on the market.

Over the last 40 years all of the medical data has supported the use of mesh in hernia repair to greatly decrease the risk of recurrence. Our hernia experts understand the different products on the market and where and when to place them for optimal success. To further improve hernia care nationally our Hernia Center has partnered with the American Hernia Society Quality Collaborative for continuous quality improvement.

The Hernia Center Team

Our hernia surgeons are experienced in minimally invasive techniques including laparoscopic and robotic surgery, as well as open techniques including anterior and posterior component separation.

William J. Symons, MD

Dr. William Symons, Hernia Center Director, Stamford Health Director of Hernia Center. Specializes in complex hernia repair. Areas of clinical expertise include advanced laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery, emergency general surgery, trauma surgery, enterocutaneous fistula takedown, care for the critically ill surgical patient and burn and wound management.

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Kevin M. Dwyer, MD

Kevin M. Dwyer, MD, Stamford Health

Vice Chair of Surgery for Education and Quality, Program Director, Surgical Residency, and Medical Director, Trauma and Surgical Critical Care.

Dr. Dwyer has served as a leader at Stamford Health, creating the Surgical Critical Care service, and working as Vice Chairman of the Department of Surgery. He helps teach new generations of physicians as the Program Director for the General Surgery Residency Program.

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Kevin D. Miller, MD

Kevin D. Miller, MD, Stamford Health Board of Directors, Medical Director of Surgery

Dr. Miller not only practices general surgery but has been an active member of the trauma service. He has a strong interest in advanced laparoscopy, biliary and hernia surgery.

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Joey C. Papa, MD

Joey C. Papa, MD, Stamford Health Dr. Papa joined the Stamford Hospital staff in 2008 as a general surgeon with interests in advanced laparoscopy, breast surgery and pediatric surgery.

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