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Letter from the Director of Pediatric Surgery

Several years ago, the leadership of Stamford Hospital realized that there was more opportunity to enhance medical care for families with young children in Fairfield County. The Emergency Department in the Hospital did not have a dedicated pediatric facility. If the child needed admission, the pediatric unit was old, the rooms small and crowded making it very difficult for the parent to stay with their child. As a result, children and their parents had to travel outside the county to get the care they should have been able to receive right here in Stamford.

This has all changed. The Hospital has committed the resources needed to bring pediatric care in the area to the level our kids deserve. Besides building a beautiful plant, the Hospital has recruited a cadre of highly skilled individuals who will care for your child. I am proud to be part of the team that the Hospital has assembled.

I work with a highly trained, dedicated group of professionals whose mission is to provide excellent, compassionate, family-centered care in an elegant, warm environment dedicated to making your child better. We have the expertise to treat most pediatric surgical problems with results that are comparable to those of major academic centers.

The operating rooms are state-of-the-art and the pediatric unit was designed to let your child recover in an inviting, comfortable, private room.
We hope that your child never needs to use our resources, but we want the community to know that we stand ready to help in the event that you do need us.

Gerard  Weinberg
Pediatric Surgery, General Surgery

(203) 276-5912

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The Pediatric Surgery Experience

Told through a kid's eyes, this video tour reveals our caring approach. 

The specialty of pediatric surgery is focused on caring for infants and children who have surgical conditions. Pediatric surgeons have undergone specialized training to prepare them to deal with these special patients and have attained Board Certification in their field. Our surgeons work with a team devoted to giving your child expert care. Team members include our pediatric emergency room physicians and nurses, pediatric anesthesiologists, pediatric radiologists, neonatologists and pediatric hospitalists as well as our superbly trained and experienced neonatal and pediatric nurses.

Your child may be admitted through our state of the art pediatric emergency room and stay in our newly opened Cohen Pediatric Unit where all the rooms are private with enough space to allow at least one parent to board with your child 24 hours a day. The operating rooms are close by and have been fitted with the necessary equipment to care for even the smallest of infants. We have on site pediatric hospitalists in the unlikely event that an emergency situation arises when your surgeon in not in the hospital.

Most of our out-patient surgical procedures are performed in the Tully Health Center where there is valet parking, a resource library, a café and a pharmacy. The center provides a more intimate setting than the hospital and is less intimidating to young children. Your child will be cared for by the same experts you might encounter in the hospital. Because all children love teddy bears, they will have the chance to meet Tully Bear! We arrange for Tully Teddy Bear Tours before surgery to help kids learn about their upcoming operation and ask questions.

Children and their parents will also meet the surgical team and tour the operating room. Nurses and an anesthesiologist will be on hand to answer any questions and create a positive family experience. Plus, children and enjoy refreshments and a complimentary coloring book that helps them understand what to expect the day of surgery.

We work closely with our neonatologists and fetal medicine colleagues to evaluate fetuses and premature infants who may have surgical issues and can schedule consultations with the parents to discuss the findings and plan appropriately.

Some of the operations we perform on children:

Vascular access refers to the process of easily accessing your child's vascular system, or veins. Typically, this method is used for various treatments via IV, chemotherapy and blood transfusions.

Hernia surgery is one of the most common pediatric surgeries. While hernias can be either simple or complex, inguina and umbilical hernias are more prevalent among children.

This encompasses surgery within your child's upper and lower digestive tract. This surgery emphasizes the use of minimally invasive techniques whenever possible.


Also called a cholecystectomy, gallbladder removal surgery is generally considered safe and low risk for children.


Funnel Chest, or pectus excavatum, is a congenital deformity of the chest wall that causes a sunken breast bone and ribs. Today, surgery exists to fix the shape of the bone.


The spleen is an abdominal organ that plays an important role in filtering blood for the immune system. Blood-related diseases are a main reason for removal of the spleen in children.

An appendectomy is a surgery to remove a child’s appendix, a non-vital organ on the lower right side of the abdomen.


A cyst is a sac or cavity in the body that contains fluid. Because various types of cysts exist, excision of cysts in children is performed on an individual basis.

At the Stamford Health Center for Surgical Weight Loss, board certified bariatric surgeons provide the latest minimally invasive surgical procedures including the Obalon® Balloon System and the LINX® device in coordination with mind-body focused care to help patients achieve lasting health and longer life.

The surgery admission process for your child:

  • Your child’s office will tell you on what day your child will be admitted, as well as discuss any necessary steps beforehand.
  • A nurse will call you the day before surgery to tell you when and where you should arrive at the hospital. This is because surgical schedules change frequently and last minute changes are quite common. The nurse will give you specific instructions on when your child needs to stop eating and drinking in preparation for the operation. We’ll also tell you what to bring to ensure you arrive with all the necessary information (such as ID card, insurance card) and personal belongings.
  • Your child will get an ID band upon check-in. The band contains important information that will help us meet your child’s individual needs. If the child’s band is removed, falls off, or becomes uncomfortable, let a nurse know immediately.

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