Preparing for Childbirth

Your Pre-hospital Check List

What makes childbirth unique is the array of options, from “low tech” natural childbirth to “high tech” birth with medical interventions available. And when you bring your baby into the world, you get to choose. No matter your specific birth plans, Stamford Hospital will accommodate yours and your family's wishes as best we can.

Here’s how we help you prepare for your trip to the hospital and for your baby’s journey into life:

  • We offer childbirth classes, as well as classes on infant care and breastfeeding, to help you prepare for birth and parenthood. If you weren’t able to attend these classes prior to your trip to the hospital, our compassionate nursing staff will gladly help you review the basics.
  • All expectant moms should have a bag packed. We recommend bringing comfortable pajamas to wear after delivery, and a change of clothes for your partner or labor coach as well. You’ll also want to bring your preferred toiletries, any music you’d like to play during childbirth, and any other material to help pass the time.
  • If you requested hospital admission forms, please fill them out and send them to us ahead of time.
  • You may wish to complete our Birthing Preferences Checklist before coming to the hospital. Here, you’ll see possible options for different aspects of the birthing process. Even though certain situations can’t always be controlled, we’ll always do our best to accommodate your needs and make you as comfortable as possible. Please review this list with your obstetrician.
  • Discuss pain relief options with your obstetrician ahead of time. We also encourage you to arrange a prenatal consult with one of our anesthesia team members. If you want to know more about receiving blood products during your delivery, please discuss them with your obstetrician in advance.
  • You’ll want to consult with your health insurance provider to choose a pediatrician before you come to the hospital. We can help you arrange private or group sessions with pediatricians to help with your decision making.
  • If you plan to refuse or waive any infant testing or treatments, please finalize this with both your obstetrician and intended pediatrician before your delivery.

Prenatal Education

It’s our mission to educate, prepare, and make your family comfortable when you’re expecting a child. Stamford Hospital offers a range of classes, tours, and services for both first-time and returning parents.

Childbirth Preparation

These classes are taught by experienced labor and delivery nurses. If you’re a first-time parent-to-be, we recommend taking these classes 6-8 weeks before your due date. During these classes, you and your partner will learn about the process of labor and childbirth, relaxation and breathing techniques to help you through labor, positioning and comfort measures, options for pain medication and anesthesia and variations of normal labor and cesarean births. The class will also include a tour of the Mother-Baby Unit at Stamford Hospital.

VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)

If you’ve had a previous cesarean birth and this time wish to deliver vaginally with your physician’s approval, then this class is for you. In this class, you’ll talk with a labor and delivery nurse. You’ll also learn about the risks and benefits of both cesarean and VBAC births. Our goal is to help you set realistic expectations and make an informed decision. For information on dates and times, call 203.276.7127.

Basics of Infant Care

Presented by registered nurses from our Mother/Baby Unit, this program answers the many questions you might have about caring for your infant. The demonstration and discussion includes infant feeding, bathing, dressing, soothing, sleep patterns, and safety.

Preparation for Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding a baby can be a rewarding experience. Studies show that breast milk provides the best nutrition for babies, offers health benefits that are extremely valuable for infant growth and development, and is also advantageous to the woman's health as a new mother and in years to come. We have on-staff, international board-certified Lactation Consultants to provide support and instruction to all new mothers who want to are able to breastfeed.

Prenatal Fitness

You're welcome to use our Sarner Health & Fitness Institute to exercise during your pregnancy. Programs include group exercise classes, stress reduction, body alignment classes, and one-on-one prenatal personal training packages. We also offer therapeautic pregnancy massage.

Maternity and Labor & Delivery Tours

We invite you and your partner to tour our facilities to see first-hand what delivering at Stamford Hospital will be like. Not only will you get an overview of our services, but we’ll also show you our spacious labor and delivery suites and recovery rooms. We also give a tour of the postpartum unit, with all private rooms; each with a large private bath and shower and pleasing decor.

Sibling Tours

Our child-friendly tour lets brothers and sisters visit the Mother/Baby Unit prior to your stay at Stamford Hospital.
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