John F.’s Story

The care and compassion of the Bennett Cancer Center is why I’m here today.

JohnIn November 2011, John Furnaros was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. It’s the kind of news that’s typically followed by a million questions and emotions, but John took it in stride. Partly because of his laid back personality, but mostly because of the confidence and reassurance he received from Stamford Hospital’s staff that everything was going to be all right.

John’s journey through cancer actually began a month prior when he started experiencing rapid weight loss and other intestinal issues. After meeting with his gastroenterologist and a full diagnostic workup, John learned he had cancer.

Unfazed, John was referred to the Bennett Cancer Center where he put his full trust in the team there. A self-admitted “big baby” when it comes to medical stuff, John was impressed by the level of time, effort and support he received. From his oncologist , to the nurses, to his nurse navigator, there was always someone there as a resource to talk to him about his options and to guide him through what to expect.

In mid-November, John started 5 weeks of oral chemotherapy and radiation. Then in February 2012, had surgery to remove the tumor. By spring, John was in remission and back on the softball field.

Today, John is still cancer free and continues to sing the praises of the Bennett Cancer Center.

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