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My name is Kathleen Silard, I began my career as a nurse in the pediatrics and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Albert Einstein Hospital in New York. Following a transition to healthcare administration, I joined Stamford Health in 2003 as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. During this time, I provided clinical and operational leadership to the growing health system. I am passionate about making a difference in the communities served by Stamford Health and committed to leading a team of more than 3,000 employees who provide high-quality, patient-centered care. I was named President and CEO of Stamford Health in 2018. 

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  • COVID is Surging. Here's What to Do. 12/22/2021

    COVID-19 cases are spiking at concerning rates and the fast-spreading Omicron will become the dominant variant. Here's how you can do your part in turning the tide right now.

  • A Hospital CEO's Advice for Leaders 12/14/2021

    ?This episode of Becker’s Healthcare Podcast features Kathleen Silard, President & CEO of Stamford Health. Here, Silard discusses advice for leaders, women’s services, engaging with the community, and more.

  • A Letter of Gratitude from Stamford High School 9/24/2021

    The following letter was sent to the Stamford Hospital Foundation along with a generous donation. Read the full blog from Kathleen Silard, President & CEO of Stamford Health, for more.

  • No Barriers Program: A Successful Joint Effort in Stamford 7/22/2021

    In winter of 2021, the No Barriers program came to life in the City of Stamford. This program allowed underserved community members access to the COVID-19 vaccine... without barriers. Learn about its success.

  • Prepare for a New Wave of Hospital Patients in a Post-COVID-19 World 6/10/2021

    Since the pandemic, many important diagnoses have gone undetected due to people delaying care out of fear of COVID-19. Kathleen Silard, President & CEO of Stamford Health, discusses how we all combat this second ‘pandemic’ of delayed care.

  • Getting to Know the CEO 1/29/2021

    We sat down with Kathleen “Kathy” Silard, Stamford Health’s new President and Chief Executive Officer. Here are a few fun facts about her.

  • Learning from Where We Have Been from Kathleen Silard, President & CEO 11/16/2020

    As I look toward the holidays, both concern and confidence fill my thoughts. While it is indisputable that COVID-19 cases are on the rise nationally, in our community and at Stamford Health, I have also been personally involved in the plans we have put in place to effectively care for patients and keep our staff safe should a surge occur.

  • How to Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines 9/4/2020

    The development of new COVID vaccines is unleashing hope across the nation that we will soon gain control of this terrible pandemic. But vaccine discovery is only the beginning..

  • Looking Beyond the Mask from Kathleen Silard, President & CEO 8/2/2020

    This mask is our freedom. I saw this on a sign in New York and it struck a chord with me. Just as the course of COVID-19 has changed over time, so too has our perspective on the disease. So much was uncertain months ago, and much remains to be seen.

  • Unrest in America: A Message from the CEO 6/4/2020

    Caring for our community is why Stamford Health exists. In challenging moments I fall back on our values of teamwork, compassion, integrity, respect, and accountability. For me, this moment calls for listening with respect and compassion to people striving for a better world.

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