Published on September 22, 2014

Information You Need to Know About the Flu

Man with fluFlu season is upon us and Stamford Hospital wants to keep you well by keeping you informed. Learn the basics about seasonal flu, including symptoms, treatments, vaccines, and flu myths.

In addition Stamford Hospital has partnered with the City of Stamford's Health & Social Services Department to conduct this year's "Fight the Flu" campaign. See below for details.

  • Fee: $40. Flu vaccine quadrivalent: available at both Tully Health Center and Gov’t Center
  • Fee: $40. Flumist® vaccine: available only at Tully Health Center
  • Fee: $50. High potency vaccine for 65+ years: only available at Tully Health Center

Primary Medicare, Part B is the only form of insurance accepted. Managed Medicare not accepted. Cash or check is accepted for those not covered.

For More Information please call our flu hotline: 203-276-4948.

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