Holiday Cheer: Surviving the Holidays With No Weight Gain!

Published: December 15, 2014

Stamford-Christmas-Meal.jpgThe Holiday season is upon us once again.  It is a time to enjoy family and friends, make New Year’s resolutions and try to survive this time of year without gaining weight. The National Institute of Health estimates Americans gain approximately 1-2 pounds yearly during this time of year.  Although this may not seem like a huge amount, if not controlled, it accumulates over years. 





Some tips to survive the holidays include:

  • If going to a party, bring a healthy dish that you will enjoy
  • At a buffet table, check out the entire menu before putting anything on your plate.  This will help you control your choices and portion sizes
  • Eat enough to feel satisfied, but not stuffed
  • Do not skip meals; if you skip meals, you may overeat later in the day
  • If there is a buffet style meal, limit the amount of times you go up to the serving table
  • Use a small plate to encourage smaller portions, while enjoying a variety of foods
  • Add salad or vegetables to the plate for a healthy choice
  • Continue (or begin) regular exercise during this time to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle

So, enjoy this special time of year with family and friends, exercise regularly and enjoy your favorite foods this holiday season!

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