Looking Beyond the Mask from Kathleen Silard, President & CEO

Published: August 02, 2020

This mask is our freedom. I saw this on a sign in New York and it struck a chord with me. 

Kathleen Silard, President & CEOKathleen Silard, President & CEO

As a result, Connecticut is now among the least impacted states in the country. If we keep working together, we can keep the disease at bay. The slowing spread of disease from the peak in the Spring shows that our communities have taken social distancing and mask wearing seriously. This collective effort should be a source of pride for us all, and it has allowed us to reopen so many parts of our state. Just as the course of COVID-19 has changed over time, so too has our perspective on the disease. So much was uncertain months ago, and much remains to be seen. But here’s what is true in Connecticut right now:

  • We are seeing small but troubling transmission events in Connecticut. It’s too soon to say whether these are a ripple or the start of a new wave, but the transmissions trace back to parties and social situations where people could have been more careful—a reminder that we still need to put safety first. 
  • The community is more engaged in personal health than before. For this reason, it’s crucial not to delay care you need: other diseases aren’t on hold just because our lives are disrupted. 

Here’s where things stand at Stamford Health:

  • We are having great success recovering from the disruption caused by COVID-19. We are ready to care for the community, as we always have, with an extra layer of precaution. 
  • We live and breathe the 4 Ws: Wearing masks, Washing your hands, Wiping down surfaces and Watching distance. These guidelines inspire us to safely, carefully and confidently treat patients and perform procedures. 
  • We’re working together with corporations, schools and community agencies to discuss safety practices and how to maintain a healthy environment for everyone. This involves working with our community partners in the Vita Health and Wellness Initiative to meet the needs of different at-risk groups. 

Behind our masks, we are all asking, “Can we safely remain open, at least partially, if there is a resurgence?” It’s too soon to tell. But a second wave, if it were big enough, would have consequences. Business and schools might close. Anxiety and worry would grow again. 

But hope, tenacity, and dedication would continue to shine through. We were there for each other this spring, and Stamford Health is even better prepared should we need to mobilize again. We’ve never been more committed to our vision of being our community’s most trusted healthcare partner, and to delivering on our promises to our patients and to the communities we serve. 

Let’s keep up the good work that’s allowed us to be more free. I tell my boys, family and friends that, until the day we have a vaccine, we need to stay safe behind our masks. This mask is a part of us for now, but it’s our freedom from yesterday, and our hope for tomorrow. 

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