Meet Our Obstetrics and Gynecology Residents

A Group based on Teamwork and Mutual Respect

We think you’ll benefit from our small program with the ability to work together and help each other out. This approach will help you better care for patients as well as enjoy your life outside the hospital. You’ll work with people from diverse backgrounds and medical schools and therefore learn a great deal from one another over the course of the curriculum.


Sofia Apitz MD rev2

Sofia Apitz, MD
New York Medical College

Callie Hamai MD rev

Callie Hamai, MD
University of Missouri – Columbia

Esther Kaunga MD rev

Esther Kaunga, MD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Taylor Tang MD rev

Taylor Tang, MD
Wake Forrest University, School of Medicine


Anisha Chaudhry

Anisha Chaudhry, MD
Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University

Margot Debrabandere

Margot Debrabandere, MD
Drexel University College of Medicine

Jacqueline Dowling

Jacqueline Dowling, MD
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Jenna Maurer rev

Jenna Maurer, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin


ObGynAmir Sharon MD

Sharon Amir, MD
University of Maryland School of Medicine

ObGynSotirosLowry Alexandra MD

Alexandra Sotiros Lowry, MD
University of Colorado School of Medicine

ObGynSwirski Eve MD

Eve Swirski, MD
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Heather Toskos MD rev

Heather Toskos, MD
Drexel University College of Medicine


Brady Coad MD rev2

Brady Coad, MD
University of Washington School of Medicine

Kristen Langan MD rev

Kristen Langan, MD
University of Maryland School of Medicine

Lauren Page MD rev3

Lauren Page, MD
University of Utah School of Medicine

Marie Sullivan MD rev2

Marie Sullivan, MD
George Washington University School of Medicine
& Health Sciences

Recent Graduates

  • Class of 2023

    Resident Name – Post-Graduation Activity

    Colleen Delaney, MD – Stamford Health Medical Group, Stamford, CT

    Lisa McNamee, MD – Medical Genetics Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University

    Takiyah Mitchell, MD – Private Practice, Springfield, New Jersey

  • Class of 2022

    Resident Name – Post-Graduation Activity

    Molly Flanagan, MD – Private Practice, Vermont

    Pascale Josama, MD – Faculty Practice, Maimonides Medical Center, NY

    Jessica Greenberg, MD – Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship, Rutgers New Jersey

  • Class of 2021

    Resident Name – Post-Graduation Activity

    Shehzeen Kamil, MD – Stamford Health Medical Group, Stamford, CT

    Anna Dukhovich, MD – Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship, Montefiore Medical Center

    Hannah Shakartzi, MD – Faculty Practice, Danbury Hospital

  • Class of 2020

    Resident Name – Post-Graduation Activity

    Jessica Li, MD – Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship, Pride Health Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati, OH

    Laura Gilroy, MD – Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship, Maimonides Medical Center, NY

    Valerie Curro, DO – Private Practice, Middleton, NY

  • Class of 2019

    Resident Name – Post-Graduation Activity

    Kelly Fellows, MD – Private Practice, Anacortes, WA

    Kiger Lau, MD – Laborist, Stamford Hospital, Stamford, CT

    Jade Mas, MD – Private Practice, Santa Maria, CA

  • Class of 2018

    Resident Name – Post-Graduation Activity

    Xibei Jia, MD – Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship, Drexel University

    Andrew Rasuch, MD – Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellowship, Northwell School of Medicine

    Sarah Elliott, MD – Private Practice, Fort Collins, Colorado

  • Class of 2017

    Resident Name – Post-Graduation Activity

    Courtney Noonan, MD – Private Practice: Providence, RI

    Ana Pantel, MD – Private Practice: Cincinnati, OH

    Kezia Spence, MD – Private Practice: Long Island, NY

  • Class of 2016

    Resident Name – Post-Graduation Activity

    Oluwakemi Adegoke, MD – Global Health Innovations and Leadership Fellowship - Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard University

    Daniel Cibulsky, MD – Private Practice: Stamford, CT

    Elizabeth Rodriguez, MD – Private Practice: Salem, MA

  • Class of 2015

    Resident Name – Post-Graduation Activity

    Maureen Burke, MD – Faculty, Assistant Residency Program Director, SUNY Upstate, Syracuse, NY

    Jennifer Cabral, MD – Faculty, Lincoln Hospital: Bronx, NY

    Molly Findley, DO – Family Planning Fellowship: Albert Einstein University

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