Women & Children’s Health

At Stamford Health, we have a multidisciplinary approach to caring for you and your children. We look at you—the whole person—and encompass the full spectrum of your specific needs, from breast care to child care. 



We understand that seeking gynecological care isn’t always easy. But rest assured, our gynecology team will always take the time to answer questions, listen to concerns, and provide supportive care on an individual basis. We offer clinical expertise in infertility, pelvic pain, menopause, fibroids, incontinence, and even cancer.

Obstetrics & Maternity


Are you expecting or trying to conceive? Our compassionate, patient-centered environment is here to support you from before conception through the time after your delivery. We hold ourselves to only the highest standards of safety, quality, and disease prevention to provide you with the ideal combination of medical expertise and advanced technology.

Pediatric Care


Your child’s arrival into this world was a life-changing event. Whether your child is just a few months old or approaching young adulthood, our team of top pediatric specialists promises to treat him or her with the care and consideration they need physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Breast Center


At the Breast Center, we treat you as if you were our family member. We use leading-edge breast cancer screening technology and a personalized approach to care to keep you and your family informed at all times. You shouldn’t have to choose between expertise or compassion, convenience or clinical excellence, or state-of-the-art technology when it comes to your health.