Physical Therapy

Physical therapy treats muscular and skeletal conditions using special exercises, stretching, ultrasound, ice and heat therapy, electrical stimulation, aquatic therapy and biofeedback. Some of the conditions that might be treated using orthopedic physical therapy include tendonitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint replacement recovery, whiplash, bursitis, sciatica and spinal injuries.

Physical therapy can be prescribed as a primary treatment for your condition or as part of your recovery after surgery. Many times a condition can be improved by strengthening certain muscles, using exercises specifically targeted to these muscles. Our physical therapists are skilled at identifying muscle groups and joints that need improvement. They can assess levels of fitness and ability and design an exercise plan that best fits your lifestyle.

During an orthopedic physical therapy session, your physical therapist will teach you these exercises, some of which will be done at home and some of which are done with your physical therapist. Sometimes special tools and equipment will be used during the orthopedic physical therapy session to make targeting these muscles easier.

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HSS Sports Rehab - YMCA New Canaan
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