Christine W's Story (Heart Attack at Young Age)

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Published on February 17, 2017

Christine W's Story (Heart Attack at Young Age)

Stamford resident, Christine Wayne, never imagined she would experience aChristine Wayne never thought she'd have a heart attack at 37. She was rushed to Stamford Hospital and credits our cardiology staff for saving her life. heart attack at the age of 37. Not only is Christine young for such a condition, she has none of the risk factors associated with heart disease. Moreover, women are more likely to experience heart attack symptoms that aren’t typical, such as anxiety, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting and back and jaw pain.

As Christine recounts from this past December, ““I thought I just had a cold. I stayed home from work for a second day, but just wasn’t feeling any better. I was extremely tired and every movement felt difficult. I coughed deeply and felt a popping sensation in my chest.”

Even though Christine had hoped this feeling would pass, she made the decision to call 9-11. This saved her life. Christine recalls:

As I arrived at Stamford Hospital by ambulance, I went into cardiac arrest. My heart stopped beating and I was resuscitated a total of four times between 7:04pm and 7:20pm. Two stents were placed to relieve the blockage in my heart. I woke up in the ICU the following day with breathing tubes and learned about all that transpired while I was unconscious. When I came home on December 23rd, it felt like a true miracle.

Christine credits cardiologist Thomas Nero, Emergency Department nurse Cynthia Cessar and the entire team at Stamford Hospital with saving her life this past December.

The care I received at Stamford Hospital was tremendous! I felt like I was in a hotel, not a hospital. Most importantly, my doctors were incredible and so were the nurses. I’m so grateful that they didn’t stop trying…they never gave up on me. I had all the right people on my side at Stamford Hospital—and because of them I am alive today.

Christine’s road to recovery continues as she begins cardiac rehabilitation under the guidance of our incredible doctors and nurses at Stamford Hospital. When our health and our lives hang in the balance—as it did for Christine—our doctors and their entire staff become our lifeline.

An online version of this story was also featured in the Stamford Advocate on December 31, 2016. The story was featured in the print edition on January 1, 2017.

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