Brian B's Story (Blocked Arteries and Quadruple Bypass)

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Published on March 12, 2018

Brian B's Story (Blocked Arteries and Quadruple Bypass)

When a health crisis turns our world on edge, our physicians can serve as an invaluable source of knowledge and assurance, and instill our confidence. Local resident, Brian Bello, says his cardiac specialists at Stamford Health did just that.

Brian had been plagued by what he thought was run-of-the-mill heartburn for several months. Unalarmed, he shrugged it off until the symptoms grew increasingly uncomfortable. In July, 2015, he was urged by family members to contact his doctor. Brian met with cardiologist, Jeffrey Green, M.D. the next day. A stress test showed Brian had experienced multiple cardiac arrests. He was sent directly to Stamford Hospital.

Michael Coady, Patient, Jeffrey GreenUpon arrival, further tests revealed Brian’s four main coronary arteries were significantly blocked and would require a quadruple bypass. As an active individual in his late 40’s, Brian says, “I was stunned.” When he met renowned cardiac surgeon, Michael Coady, M.D., Brian was still reeling from his diagnosis. “But, within minutes,” Brian says, “I felt very confident I was in the right place with the right person.”

Brian had open heart surgery on July 27, 2015 and his journey to recovery began. He spent two weeks in Stamford’s Intensive Care and Cardiac Units, and then began a 12-week cardiac rehabilitation program. “The care I received at every turn was phenomenal,” says Brian.

Today, Brian is fully recovered and remains under the care of his “outstanding” Stamford cardiologist, Dr. Green. “After a quadruple bypass,” he says, “I don’t think you ever stop being a patient.” Due to the strong genetic link of heart disease, Dr. Coady advised that his three brothers should also consider stress testing. As it turned out, Brian’s younger brother had two clogged arteries and opted to preemptively undergo a double bypass—also with Dr. Coady.

“The combined efforts of Dr. Coady and Dr. Green saved both our lives. I feel very fortunate to have a superior level of cardiac care and the best doctors available, right here in our community at Stamford Hospital.”

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