Weight Loss Surgery Options & No Surgery Weight Loss

A range of options to fit your lifestyle

When it comes to your personal weight loss goals, we understand it’s not always black and white. We offer various treatments and support to assist you in your journey.

Our team at the Center for Surgical Weight loss has a multidisciplinary approach to supporting you. Certified, registered dietitians at the Nutrition Counseling Center are available to work with patients of all ages with medical nutrition therapy. We provide support for a variety of conditions, including weight management and bariatric counseling. At our Center for Integrative Medicine and Wellness, our team uses a safe and evidence-based approach to treat you-mind, body, and spirit. And because we believe exercise is medicine, our experts at the Sarner Health & Fitness Institute can help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. Following your surgery, you’ll receive a complimentary 90 day membership, and a package deal offered to you. We also recommend attending monthly support groups and nutritional classes at the Tully Health Center, along with ongoing psychological consultation as needed.

Surgical Weight Loss Options

    bypassIn gastric bypass surgery, the stomach is cut and stapled to form a pouch and a part of the intestinal tract is bypassed. The small pouch allows you to feel satisfied with very small portions and, as a result of the intestinal re-routing, some of the calories eaten will not be absorbed. The changes made to the anatomy during gastric bypass cause changes in the way the stomach and pancreas work together, thus having an impact on diabetes.
    sleeveUnlike a bypass surgery in which a stomach pouch is created and the intestine is bypassed, a sleeve gastrectomy involves surgical removal of a large part of the stomach. The surgeon then reshapes the stomach to resemble a very thin banana. Since the stomach becomes far smaller, you consume far less food.
    bandDuring this procedure, the surgeon places an adjustable silicone band around the upper portion of the stomach. The band molds the stomach into two connecting chambers, reducing the amount of food you can eat and also slowing digestion.
    If you had issues or difficulty meeting your goals after a previous weight loss surgery, we offer revisional surgery. While most bariatric procedures are highly successful, some do require a follow-up procedure. Our team is highly experienced in working with those who have undergone weight loss surgery in the past and have failed to lose weight, or have developed symptoms such as acid reflux, or have experienced weight regain.

Non-Surgical Treatment

Gastric Balloon

If you’re not a candidate for weight loss surgery, we also offer the Orbera Gastric Balloon Managed Weight Loss Program. It’s a non-invasive technique that helps you lose excess weight. The procedure requires no surgery and can be performed in approximately 30 minutes in an outpatient setting. The balloon is inserted by an endoscope into your stomach, and will remain for up to six months. The goal is to allow you to feel full without eating as much. Within the first three months, you’ll noticed the most weight loss and will also learn about healthy eating and portions. We estimate you’ll lose about 30 pounds of extra weight along with changes in lifestyle and guidance from our multidisciplinary team.

Financing Your Surgery

We’re ready to assist you in navigating your payment options for surgery. Our financial advisor will do the following:

  • Call your insurance company for you and verify if you have the benefit. Many insurance providers will actually cover your weight-loss surgery. However, it can be difficult to get authorization on your own. That’s where we come in.
  • Walk you step-by-step through all the things that the insurance company will require to do if coverage is available.
  • Assist in financing options if insurance coverage is not available. We will guide you as you consider the pros and cons of the various loan offers and help you to choose the best one for your financial situation.

We realize weight loss surgery can be expensive, but it’s a lifetime investment in your health and a better quality of life.

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