Cancer Genetic Counseling and Testing

Understand cancer risk and learn about options

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Count on the cancer genetic counseling experts in Stamford Health’s Women’s Specialty Center and the Carl & Dorothy Bennett Cancer Center to customize a care plan that answers your questions and meets your needs.

If you’re wondering about your risk for cancer, it’s important to have a team with the expertise, skill, and empathy to provide information, counseling, and access to the best cancer screening and treatment options available.

What's Cancer Genetic Counseling?

Genetic counseling is for individuals and families to discuss inherited risk factors for cancer. It can help you determine whether to test for one or more genetic mutations linked to the disease.

Cancer Specialists

In Fairfield County, you’ll find cancer genetic counseling and a medical genetics team only at Stamford Health. Our team works with the specialists at the Bennett Cancer Center. This means you’ll benefit from a multidisciplinary team’s experience, skill, and compassion. You’ll also have access to the best cancer screening and treatment options available.

When to See a Cancer Genetic Counsellor

You may benefit from cancer genetic counseling if :
  • You have a family member with two or more cancer diagnoses
  • You have family members with a mutation linked to cancer
  • You have multiple family members with the same type of cancer or related cancers, such as breast and ovarian, or uterine and colon cancer
  • You or a family member had cancer before age 50
  • You want to learn more about your and your family’s risk for cancer
  • You’ve already undergone genetic testing and would like a more detailed discussion about your results
  • Your family has had certain rare cancers or tumors, such as pancreatic cancer or male breast cancer

What to Expect

You’ll meet with a genetic counselor to:

  • Answer your questions
  • Determine if genetic testing is right for you
  • Discuss insurance coverage and the confidentiality of your results
  • Discuss the benefits and drawbacks for genetic testing
  • Review your options for medical management
  • Review your personal and family history of cancer
  • Review your results with you and your family, if you choose to get tested

Rely on your genetics specialists to share your test results with your primary care provider and referring doctors.

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