Stamford Hospital Parking and Map

Getting Around Stamford Hospital

See details on parking, including locations and hours.

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If you're visiting, we recommend using our convenient valet parking option. The fee for valet parking is $4 per day. Multiple-day pack discounts are available at $20 per week and $55 per month. You can retrieve your car after hours at the visitor desk from the location you originally entered.

We offer valet parking in two locations:

  • The main hospital entrance (location A on downloadable map)
    • Valet parking available Mon-Fri 5:30AM - 6PM.
  • The Bennett Cancer Center/Emergency Department entrance (location F on downloadable map)
    • Valet parking available Mon-Fri 7:00AM - 5PM.

If you wish to self-park on the main hospital/Bennett Medical Center Campus, there is a nominal fee for all visitors:

• 0-2 hours: $2.00
• 2-3 hours: $4.00
• 3-4 hours: $6.00
• 4-6 hours: $8.00
• 6+ hours to daily max: $10 (except for the Medical Office Building, at 29 Hospital Plaza, which is $20 daily max)

Parking tickets will be issued upon entry to the parking lot. When you leave the hospital, you can pay in cash or with a debit or credit card at any of these conveniently located pay stations:

  • Main entrance of the hospital
  • Walk-in entrance/lobby of the Emergency Department
  • Warner Building entrance (located outside Hospital cafeteria)
  • Medical Office Building lobby (29 Hospital Plaza)