Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) and Head & Neck Care

Our ENT (also called otolaryngology) team is a comprehensive resource for ear, nose, throat, head and neck care and surgery of any kind, including cancer. We have facilities at both the main campus and the Tully Health Center equipped with the latest technology, which helps us deliver the most cutting-edge care available.

Our specialists are dually trained in medicine and surgery and have been listed in New York, Connecticut, Westport, Greenwich, and New Canaan magazines as among the best in the tri-state area. Our well-known multidisciplinary team approach to your care allows us to meet your specific needs. 

  • Minimally Invasive Techniques

    For all types of ear, nose, throat, head, and neck surgery, we use the latest minimally invasive techniques that allow for less pain and quicker recovery. These include:

    • Allergy desensitization using SLIT treatment (drops under the tongue instead of injections), which is the primary therapy for allergies in Europe
    • Balloon sinoplasty
    • CyberKnife®, a robotic radiosurgery system that treats benign and malignant tumors
    • Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery
    • Laser and microscopic surgery for cancer of the voice box, polyps or voice disorders
    • Minimally invasive approaches with neurosurgery team to treat skull-based tumors, including pituitary adenomas
    • Minimally invasive endoscopic repair of Zenker’s diverticulum
    • Minimally invasive surgery for thyroid cancer 
    • Nose: Treatment of nasal and sinus disorders, upper airway obstruction; image-guided sinus surgery
    • Partial tonsillectomy, which debulks the tonsil to relieve obstruction with less pain and risk of bleeding
    • Surgery for benign tumors of the head and neck
    • Surgery for diseases of ear, oral cavity, esophagus, head and facial nerves
    • Throat: Adenoidectomies and tonsillectomies, voice and swallowing problems, laryngeal reflux therapy


  • Pediatric Otolaryngology Care

    Our ENT otolaryngology doctors provide a full range of pediatric surgery and medical treatments for hearing loss. We also work with the anesthesia department to provide specialized anesthesia for ENT cases and with the pediatric department in their child and family practice, where required. Our facilities for day surgery at Tully Health Center are very child friendly. Please call 203.276.2000 to schedule an orientation tour for any child about to have surgery.

  • Head and Neck Surgical Oncology

    When diagnosed very early, oral, head, and neck cancers can be treated successfully, which is why it is important for individuals to see a specialist if they experience symptoms like lumps and unexplained pain.

    We take a team approach to cancer care. Surgeons, radiation oncologists, chemotherapy specialists, and nurses collaborate on multidisciplinary evaluations to devise treatment plans specifically tailored to particular needs. We work alongside our excellent radiotherapy department and the Bennett Cancer Center for chemotherapy where necessary.

  • Hearing-Related Treatment

    Our team evaluates, treats, and diagnoses hearing-related disorders and hearing loss in both adults and in children. We work with you individually to determine the best course of treatment, and whether a hearing aid may be necessary.

  • Sleep Apnea Care

    We work closely with our Center for Sleep Medicine to help deliver the best care to those with sleep apnea. This disorder is characterized by repetitive episodes of blockage of the throat that occur during sleep. Approximately three percent of children and more than 10 percent of adults have sleep-disordered breathing. The good news? Together, we can diagnose sleep apnea with an overnight sleep study.

Our Physicians

Steven A Bramwit

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Jacquelyn M. Brewer

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Elise L Cheng

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Peter D Costantino

Jason R Klenoff

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Biana G Lanson

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Michelle S. Marrinan
Otolaryngology, Neurotology

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Paul  Neubauer

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Jacob  Brunner

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