• Anatomy of the Respiratory System

    A detailed look at the respiratory system and how it works.

  • Animal Bites and Rabies

    Detailed information on animal bites and rabies, including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention

  • Audiologist

    Audiologists measure and evaluate a person's ability to hear sounds. They specialize in treating people with hearing disorders.

  • Breastfeeding When Returning to Work

    Helpful advice on how to maintain your milk production when going back to work.

  • Burns

    Detailed information on burns, burn types, classification of burns, burn treatment, and burn rehabilitation

  • Cancer Rehabilitation

    Detailed information on cancer rehabilitation, including members of the rehabilitation team

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation

    If you have a heart condition, your healthcare provider may recommend a cardiac rehab program to help you recover. This video tells you more about cardiac rehab and how it can help.

  • Cervical Disk Rupture

    The vertebrae in your spine are cushioned by soft disks. When one of the disks in your neck—the cervical area of your spine—ruptures, the result can be neck pain. Watch this video to find out the possible causes and recommended treatment.

  • Children Living with a Rheumatic Disease

    Detailed information on living with a rheumatic disease

  • Choosing a Rehabilitation Unit/CARF

    Rehabilitation services are provided in many different places, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, and community health centers.

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