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  • Is coffee really good for your heart? 4/6/2022

    Over the past few months, three coffee studies made a lot of headlines in the news – “Drinking Coffee Every Day May Benefit Heart Health” and “The No. 1 Best Coffee Habit to..

  • 7 Reasons to See a Cardiologist 9/13/2021

    When it comes to your heart health, it's all about staying informed and making healthy lifestyle choices. Dr. David Hsi, Chief of Cardiology at Stamford Health, explains 7 reasons to see a cardiologist.

  • Heart Disease in Women: Know Your Heart Health 3/15/2021

    Learn from Dr. Anna I. Koulova, a cardiologist with Stamford Health Medical Group, about causes, symptoms, and treatments for heart disease in women.

  • Q&A With Arzhang Fallahi, Interventional Cardiologist 12/17/2020

    Having a healthy heart is crucial to your well being. But how do you know if or when it's time to see a cardiologist? Dr. Arzhang Fallahi of Stamford Health reveals more in our blog.

  • Q&A With Murray Low, Cardiac Rehabilitation Director 2/6/2019

    Cardiac rehabilitation is known to improve people's physical fitness and reduce risk factors associated with heart disease. Learn from our program director.

  • Inside the Mind of A Heart Surgeon 6/4/2018

    Piano performance and open heart surgery have more in common than you think. Learn how Dr. Michael Coady translates his love of music into the operating room.

  • Brian's Story 3/12/2018

    Brian had what he thought was standard heartburn for several months, but further tests revealed his four main coronary arteries were significantly blocked.

  • The Many Benefits of Preventive Cardiology 1/31/2018

    When it comes to heart disease, the saying holds true: prevention is the best medicine. Learn why living a healthy lifestyle is key.

  • John B's Story 1/29/2018

    A little over a week before his daughter's wedding, John woke up feeling extreme tightness in his upper chest and intense pain in his throat.

  • Christine W's Story 2/17/2017

    Stamford resident, Christine Wayne, never imagined she would experience a heart attack at the age of 37.

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