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  • Heart Health Affects Breast Cancer Risk 2/25/2016

    Did you know that many of the risk factors for heart disease are also risk factors for developing breast cancer? However, the opposite is also true. Things that are good for your heart can help decrease your risk of getting breast cancer.

  • Detection is Protection: Mammograms Save Lives 3/21/2016

    The best way to protect women from breast cancer is to find it early – and the only way to do that is through annual screening mammography – from age 40 on.

  • Sleep and Breast Cancer: What’s the Link? 4/25/2016

    We all know that a lack of sleep can make us irritable and impair our function, but even the loss of the one hour of sleep as a result of “springing forward” has been shown to have detrimental effects.

  • In Breast Cancer Care, Choose Wisely 7/29/2016

    It's important to avoid creating unnecessary side effects, but we also never want to undertreat cancer. Use these guidelines when talking with your doctor.

  • 10 Reasons to Breastfeed 8/19/2016

    Are you trying to decide whether the bottle or breast is best? Here’s how both you and baby can benefit from nursing.

  • New Guidelines for Patients with DCIS 8/30/2016

    Recently, a consensus statement was released with new guidelines for women with DCIS. What does this mean?

  • HPV: Your Questions, Answered. 9/15/2016

    As parents, we all want to keep our teens safe and healthy. Is your son or daughter aware of HPV? Here are a few talking points.

  • The Facts About Ovarian Cancer 10/6/2016

    Ovarian cancer is sporadic. Unfortunately, this means we haven’t yet determined the cause. But your chances become greater at fighting it when diagnosed early.

  • Painting the Town Pink: Raising Breast Cancer Awareness 10/6/2016

    Every year in October, we see cities, towns and communities in our area, decked out in pink in support of national Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Play a role!

  • Ovarian Cancer and Your Sex Life 10/14/2016

    When bringing the spark back into your relationship during or after ovarian cancer treatment, you might have many emotions & challenges. Here are ways to cope.

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Page of 5, showing pages 11-20 of 44