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Walgreens Pharmacy at Stamford Hospital 

Walgreens Pharmacy Information

Phone: 203.388.0085
Fax: 203.388.0086

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm

The Walgreens Retail Pharmacy, located in Stamford Hospital Gift Shop, is available to fill prescriptions for patients, staff, and the public. 

Q: What if I am not a current Walgreens customer?
A: If this is your first time filling this medication, Walgreens can fill it immediately. If you are getting a refilled prescription, the pharmacist will handle the prescription transfer process with your other pharmacy. There is no charge for transferring and it only takes a few minutes.

Q: Does Walgreens accept my prescription insurance plan or need my insurance information?
A: Walgreens accepts most prescription insurance plans. If you are not a Walgreens customer, the  pharmacist will need your prescription insurance information.

Q: Does the Walgreens take E-scripts?
A: Yes. Walgreens is now active with all electronic prescribing platforms. For ePrescribing, ask your healthcare provider to select Walgreens 16549 @ New Stamford Hosp as your preferred pharmacy in the ePrescription Pharmacy Database.

Q: Can Walgreens fill prescriptions for specialty medications, make compounds, and administer vaccinations?
A: Yes. Walgreens is able to fill many specialty medications, make oral suspensions and topical ointments or creams, and administer vaccinations.

Q: Does the Walgreens carry OTC products?
A: Yes. Walgreens carries many over-the-counter items including allergy and pain medications, eye drops, personal hygiene products, and vitamins.

Q: How do I pay for the medications?
A: You can pay for the medications with credit card, check, or cash. You can also use insurance prescription benefits where applicable. Resources are available to help lower co-pays for patients’ medications. These include using manufacturer coupons and patient advocate foundations funding.

Q: Does Walgreens provide delivery service?
A: Walgreens is working to implement bedside delivery for patient discharges and other delivery options for staff. More information will be available soon.

Q: What are some of the advantages of having my prescriptions filled at Walgreens?
A: Easy pick up of prescriptions/OTC products within Stamford Hospital to help avoid an extra stop on your way home and the comfort of knowing your pharmacist works directly with the care team at Stamford Hospital to discuss any prescription related issues.

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