Bioethics Consultation Service

Bioethics is the analysis of issues that arise in the healthcare setting. These are moral issues of health, life and death, related to patient care and treatment decision-making. The concerns of bioethics are the well-being and dignity of the patient, as well as matters of choice, rights and responsibilities of the patient, the family and caregiving team. Any matter relating to these issues is appropriate for a bioethics consultation.

Anyone involved in patient care—patient, family member or proxy agent, caregiver or staff member—with an ethical concern or problem can directly access the Bioethics Consultation Service. Bioethics consultations can be requested by contacting the Bioethics Consultation Service via email at

Requests for consultation will be answered within 24 hours. Depending on the nature of the ethical problem, the bioethics consultant(s) may convene a conference of the patient’s caregiving team and selected members of the ethics committee. Download our brochure for more information on the Bioethics Consultation Services.

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