Bill Pay

If you have a bill from Stamford Hospital or the Stamford Health Medical Group, you can pay it in a variety of ways described below. Online bill pay allows you to quickly and securely pay your hospital or medical group bill online with a credit card - no service fees will be applied. Plus, payments are a one-time process, so you won't be asked to create an account. If you have questions about bill pay, read our frequently asked questions.

Stamford Hospital Online Bill Pay

Pay Hospital Bill Online

The account number on your billing statement will start with the letter "V". If your account number starts with SHMG, FCPC or CIMW, please scroll down and use SHMG bill pay.

Click Image to Enlarge (Sample Stamford Hospital Statement)

Pay By Mail or In-Person

Checks are payable to "Stamford Hospital" and can be mailed to:

The Stamford Hospital
P.O. Box 5027
Stamford, CT 06904-5027

Pay In-Person:
Stamford Hospital
Cashier’s Office
1 Hospital Plaza
Stamford, CT 06902


Stamford Hospital 
1351 Washington Blvd, 7th Floor 
Stamford, CT 06902

Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, Checks, Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover), Bank Payments (ACH)

Stamford Health Medical Group Bill Pay

Step 1: To pay your SHMG bill, please enter your account number in the account number field. Your patient account number must start with SHMG, FCPC or CIMW. If the account number on your statement begins with the letter "V", please click on the Pay Hospital Bill Online button above.
Step 2: Press "Pay Medical Group Bill" button
Step 3: You will then be directed to the medical group bill pay page to enter payment information. 

SHMG sample invoice

Click Image to Enlarge (Sample Stamford Health Medical Group Statement)

Patient Account Number:

Pay By Mail or In-Person

Checks are payable to "Stamford Health Medical Group" and can be mailed to
Stamford Health Medical Group
PO Box 120004
Stamford CT 06912-0004

Pay In-Person:

Stamford Health Medical Group
One Omega Drive
Building 3, 2nd Floor
Stamford, CT 06907

Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, Checks, Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover)


If you have questions or concerns about your Stamford Hospital bill, please contact the Customer Service department at (203) 276-7572 on Monday-Fridays between 9:00am - 5:00pm or fill out our Contact Us form with your request.

For information about the Stamford Hospital Financial Assistance Program, visit our Financial Assistance Program page.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your Stamford Health Medical Group, please call the Billing department at (203) 276-7408 from Monday-Friday between 9:00am - 5:00pm. For information related to our billing processes, please review our Financial Policy.