Chronic Pelvic Pain

Relief from discomfort through advanced pelvic floor rehabilitation

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Count on the chronic pelvic pain experts in Stamford Health’s Women’s Specialty Center to customize a care plan that answers your questions and meets your needs.

Have you been dealing with pain in your lower abdomen or pelvic area? While there can be many causes, chronic pelvic pain can be the result of weakness in the pelvic floor muscles and nerves.

Our team will work with you to diagnose, treat, and manage your chronic pelvic pain.

What's Chronic Pelvic Pain?

Chronic pelvic pain is discomfort in your pelvic floor that lasts six months or longer. A common cause of pelvic pain is a weak pelvic floor—and uterus. You can experience chronic pelvic pain at any age, but it’s more common after menopause.

When To See A Specialist

Turn to a pelvic pain specialist if you experience:

  • Bladder discomfort
  • Bowel problems, such as incontinence, urgency, pain, or constipation
  • Muscle tightness in the pelvic floor
  • Pain during sex
  • Pain in the groin, tailbone, low back, buttocks or vagina
  • Vaginal or vulva irritation

Your Appointment

Rely on us to find the cause of your pelvic pain. During your appointment, your doctor will:

  • Review your medical history
  • Ask about your symptoms
  • Examine your spine, hips, legs and core
  • Conduct a pelvic floor muscle assessment

Pelvic Floor Assessment

During your pelvic floor muscle assessment, your doctor will learn more about your:

  • Anatomy and bone structure
  • Motor control and reflexes
  • Muscle symmetry and tone
  • Pelvic organs' position

Pelvic Pain Treatment

Meet with a pelvic floor physical therapist to discuss your treatment options. You'll learn how lifestyle changes can help you strengthen and improve the function of your pelvic floor.

Collaborative Care

Take advantage of a team that works closely together to create your care plan. Your team of specialists may include:

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