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Patient Amenities

  • Peace Room

    Peace Room

    A place where families and loved ones can rest or enjoy some quiet time. 

  • Patient Room

    Private Patient Room

    All rooms are private and spacious to accommodate patients, families and caregiver needs.

  • Private bathroom

    Private Bathroom

    Each room has its own bathroom and is designed for safety. 

  • Waiting Area

    Family Waiting Area

    Loved ones can relax in the family waiting lounge on each floor. 

  • Waiting Area

    Family Waiting Area

    Visitors can enjoy this stunning view of Long Island Sound.

  • Patient Elevator Banks

    Patient Floor

    Floors are clearly labeled to help visitors find their way around. Each patient floor has its own theme displayed through artwork.

  • Nourishment Room

    Nourishment Room

    Visitors can help themselves to light snacks and beverages, 24/7.

Our goal is to always keep in mind the varying needs of the patients, their family members and caregivers. With the new building, we get patients placed into rooms faster for the care they need. Patient rooms were designed to minimize the moving of patients multiple times during their length of stay.

Patient Room Features

  • Each patient room is divided into three zones to maximize care, safety and comfort:
      • Patient Zone: Contains all appropriate equipment , furniture and amenities to accommodate the patient.
      • Caregiver Zone: Designed to bring the care to the patient, provide easy access and maximum efficiency for caregivers.
      • Family Zone: Provides family members and visitors with comfort and “rooming in” options such as pull-out sofa, lighting, table and outlets for charging devices.
  • All rooms in the Hospital Tower are private with their own bathrooms
  • A 42” Smart TV which includes the GetWellNetwork, whose goal is to help health care providers engage patients and families in their care. Patients can easily view and learn about their medications, as well as watch educational videos about their care and individual diagnosis. In addition, they can also communicate specifics to appropriate hospital team members, from food preferences to room temperature control. A selection of TV and movies are also available for entertainment. We are 1 of 2 hospitals in CT that have this technology demonstrating our commitment to innovation and enhancing the patient experience. 

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Safety Enhancements 

  • Rooms were designed with infection prevention in mind through the implementation of copper-infused door knobs, motion-activated sinks and hand sanitizer dispensers.
  • Directional lighting is located outside of the patient bathroom door to reduce the incident of falls.
  • State of the Art Nurse call bell system upgraded with water, bathroom and medication options.

The Patient & Family Experience 

  • Lounges are provided on each floor for patients' loved ones.
  • Nourishment rooms are available for light snacks and beverages. 
  • Interfaith Chapel in Grand Concourse welcomes all faiths and offers a place for 24/7 silent prayer, meditation or relaxation. Roman Catholic mass takes place on Saturdays at 4:00 PM; as well as services on holy days or as needed.  

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