Published on July 08, 2015

Study of 3D Mammography Shows Benefit

By: David Gruen Director, MD, MBA, Women’s Imaging and Co-Director of the Women’s Breast Center

Dr. GruenAs a clinician, I am constantly reviewing the latest clinical advances that may help any of my patients. As a radiologist – I am fascinated and excited by technological advances that may help me and my colleagues help catch and intervene on a disease at the earliest point.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) outlined the potential of a newer mammography screening technology, called tomosynthesis. For patients, it’s a balance of being diligent about doing self-breast exams throughout the year – and seeing your doctor once a year for a clinical breast exam as well as getting an annual mammogram. But now there is technology that makes that once a year diagnostic image even more powerful.

Two years ago, Stamford Hospital invested in this new technology – and I’m pleased to say that our experience since mirrors very closely the results found in this scientific study. Tomosynthesis helps identify more of the invasive cancers – the ones we worry about and want to catch. But is also helps clarify those unknown spots – the ones that require an additional scan just to rule something out. Overall – I’m very enthusiastic about what this technology will mean to the breast health of women who have access to it.

I was recently interviewed by It’s Relevant Stamford about the JAMA study and our experience at Stamford Hospital with tomosynthesis. You can view that here.