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  • New Lung Cancer Clinical Trial Underway 4/6/2021

    The Stamford Health Office of Research announces the launch of a new clinical trial for lung cancer in collaboration with the Carl & Dorothy Bennett Cancer Center with Michael Ebright, MD, Director of Thoracic Surgery. Learn more.

  • A New Treatment Option for Back Pain 3/10/2021

    Lower back pain can be a real pain! If your back pain is caused by lumbar spinal stenosis, or narrowing of the spine, a minimally invasive treatment option offered at Stamford Health may help. Dr. Todd Miller explores in our blog.

  • A Revolutionary Approach to Breast Cancer Surgery 10/23/2020

    Did you know there is a technology the size of a coffee bean that can help breast surgeons more easily detect problematic areas in the breast or lymph nodes? Learn all about RFID tag localization.

  • Questions to Ask Before Surgery 2/7/2020

    So you've been told you need an operation. Here are all the questions to ask before surgery. Dr. David Yuh of Stamford Health discusses preparing for surgery.

  • Treatment Options for Heartburn, Reflux and Esophageal Disease 1/16/2020

    GERD, or acid reflux, is a chronic digestive disorder that causes symptoms like a burning pain in the chest or "heartburn." When medications aren't enough, there are other options for acid reflux treatment. Learn more from Dr. Michael Ebright.

  • Surgery Preparation Checklist & After Surgery Recovery Plan 6/19/2019

    Surgery can be a challenging prospect. Here is our surgery preparation checklist to help guide you through all surgery stages, from pre-surgery to recovery.

  • Are Hernias Painful? 6/10/2019

    Does pain come to mind when you hear the word “hernia?” There are a lot of misconceptions about hernia pain. Find out more about if a hernia is painful.

  • Steve's Hernia Story 6/10/2019

    Steve didn’t let three hernias get in the way of his passions. Stamford Health’s Hernia Center made sure he had a smooth hernia repair and recovery. Read Steve's story.

  • Prevention and Treatment of Lymphedema 3/27/2019
  • Life After Spinal Surgery 3/20/2019

    Follow Dr. Taddonio’s three tips on what to do after spinal surgery to recover and return to your favorite activities as quickly as possible.

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