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  • So You Might Need Surgery: Questions to Ask 5/21/2018

    We all played the famous board game "Operation!" as kids. But the game doesn't resemble the real thing. If you need surgery, the following Q&A will help you.

  • Giovanna’s Story: Spinal Fusion Surgery 4/19/2018

    Giovanna is an active mom. When she began to experience severe sciatica as a result of a herniated disc, she knew something more "drastic" had to be done.

  • Surgical Wand’s RFI Technology 3/17/2016

    In January of 2015 Stamford Hospital Surgical Services developed a protocol for the use of the newest technology, RF scanning, for all surgical patients to ensure advanced detection of potential retained surgical items.

  • Narcotic Sparing Breast Surgery 10/28/2015

    Narcotic analgesics are often used to relieve pain before and during surgery, but can cause side effects for some individuals such as nausea and vomiting.

  • HealthFlash Blog

    Stamford Health's HealthFlash Blog will keep you up to date on the latest health news, events at the hospital, doctor profiles and more.

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