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  • Enterovirus: EV-D68 10/13/2014

    Learn more about this respiratory virus impacting several states. Mild symptoms include, wheezing, runny nose, body and muscle aches as well as a cough.

  • The Buzz About PALB2 10/6/2014

    Approximately 90% of breast cancer is sporadic, meaning that it occurs by chance. Genes such as PALB2 are not involved in sporadic breast cancer.

  • Information You Need to Know About the Flu 9/22/2014

    Stamford Health wants to keep you well by keeping you informed. Learn the basics about seasonal flu, including symptoms, treatments, vaccines, and flu myths.

  • Graduate: Engaged Mastering Succeeding (GEMS) 9/16/2014

    “The GEMS program allowed me to transition from the student nurse to professional nurse smoothly."

  • Preventing Dehydration 9/8/2014

    Early symptoms of dehydration include fatigue, thirst, and dizziness when moving to a standing from sitting position.

  • What You Need to Know About The Ebola Virus 9/2/2014

    "You'd have to be in contact with a person or body fluids of that person or in a hospital processing or handling blood or bodily fluids."

  • Keeping Active Tip: Healthy Behavior May Be Contagious 8/26/2014

    Research shows that hanging out with a healthier crowd is more likely to make you drop bad habits.

  • Eat More Tomatoes! 8/18/2014

    Sliced or diced, grilled, sautéed, roasted, stewed, or even dehydrated, tomatoes are amenable not only to raw consumption, but a host of healthy cooking methods as well.

  • Know the Facts About Cord Blood 8/11/2014

    Cord blood contains life-saving stem cells that, if not collected at birth, will be lost forever. Learn about why to save cord blood.

  • Learning About Lyme Disease 8/4/2014

    The tick bite is painless and often goes unnoticed. Symptoms of Lyme disease begin 7-21 days after the bite.

Page of 4, showing pages 11-20 of 36
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