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  • The Aristocratic Foot: A Sign of Nobility? 12/28/2016

    The foot is an architectural marvel, an engineering masterpiece. But with the Morton's foot (second toe longer than your first toe), certain injuries can occur.

  • Holiday Shopping for Shoes 12/16/2016

    This day and age, everything is rapidly changing. But as you wrap up your holiday shopping, be aware of some of the changes in athletic shoes. Here's why.

  • Common Dance Injuries 12/9/2016

    Dancing is all about twisting, turning and moving. While exciting, these actions can cause injuries. Here's how to dance without seeing "stars."

  • Sever's Disease in Youth Athletes 11/14/2016

    Heel pain in soccer players is often caused by a condition known as Sever's Disease. Here's what to expect.

  • Plantar Fasciitis: The Basics 10/4/2016

    What causes this common injury in athletes? What can be done to alleviate it? Dr. Weiss discusses.

  • A New Concept for Your Feet 8/18/2016

    Do you have foot-related issues? Consider functional orthotics for your feet, which are the foundation of your body.

  • Buying an Athletic Shoe 5/24/2016

    A shoe must be built for safety. The higher intensity of your workout, the higher the chance for overuse or injury. Learn about important factors in choosing a running shoe.

  • Exercise for Health 3/21/2016

    New research shows, one in three patients who visit a physician or other health professional, had been told to start or maintain physical activity or exercise. This is important especially with the large number Baby Boomers who are now retiring.

  • Hills for Strength 3/1/2016

    Hill training is a natural way of developing muscles rather than using equipment. This will improve the ability of the heart to circulate blood.

  • Runners Should Avoid Overtraining 2/2/2016

    This is the time of the year when you should reduce your training session. Race schedules tend to slow down and it is time to give your body a chance to recover from any lingering injuries.

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Showing pages 1-10 of 10