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  • Athletic Injuries in Children 6/19/2017

    Here are some telltale signs that may help to prevent future injuries in child and adolescent athletes.

  • Tips for Road Race Season 5/17/2017

    Every road race is a learning experience and there are many tricks to proper racing style.

  • Foot Bone Spurs: Causes and Treatment 5/3/2017

    A bone spur is a painful bump on the top of the foot which is actually a bony enlargement. What causes it?

  • Children Running in Road Races 3/28/2017

    Parents of young runners should try to keep running fun for kids. Let running be something your child chooses to do.

  • Bunion Pain: An Athlete's Dilemma 3/16/2017

    A bunion is a painful swelling of soft tissue and bone enlargement over the inner side of the ball of the great toe joint. What can you do about it?

  • Ladies' Shoes: Do's & Don'ts 2/17/2017

    Ladies, is your foot flat, medium-arched or high-arched? There's a shoe for you!

  • Shin Splints and Indoor Track 2/8/2017

    Many indoor track runners get shin splints, but you don't have to be an athlete for this condition to occur.

  • The Aristocratic Foot: A Sign of Nobility? 12/28/2016

    The foot is an architectural marvel, an engineering masterpiece. But with the Morton's foot (second toe longer than your first toe), certain injuries can occur.

  • Holiday Shopping for Shoes 12/16/2016

    This day and age, everything is rapidly changing. But as you wrap up your holiday shopping, be aware of some of the changes in athletic shoes. Here's why.

  • Common Dance Injuries 12/9/2016

    Dancing is all about twisting, turning and moving. While exciting, these actions can cause injuries. Here's how to dance without seeing "stars."

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Page of 3, showing pages 11-20 of 29